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Horoscope for the week of Apr 10 - 16 || step into your enough-ness and know your worth

Hold onto your horses - there's definitely some bumpy energy out there this Aries season. We're moving through a season of an incredible amount of retrogrades which in a way is a time to go inside ourselves and see what isn't working so that when these planets station direct we can act from a place that is sure and true. Though Venus goes direct this week, her influence has been heavily felt for me and lots of others. Recounting, remembering and shadow work have been themes of the retrograde of such a feminine planet. Venus made its way from Aries where it's in "detriment" (or not the strongest placement - like a warrior playing the role of a lover) to Pisces where it's in exaltation. Venus in Pisces is all about having karmic relationships early and often with a refined understanding of universal love. Loving people even if they hate you or in spite of circumstances - radical compassion and acceptance. The only downside to this transit is that fantasy and illusion is in the air in a form. Being clear with your higher Self on the purpose of everything occurring right now and not fighting the "flow" which is a Piscean delicacy.

Jupiter has been retrograde in Libra and will be moving direct in May. This Jupiter retrograde to me feels like the frustration I sometimes get when I look outside of my Self (in all its forms) for spiritual advice and direction and no one is picking up the phone. You actually have all the answers you need. This is a time where being yourself fully and asking for what you need in your relationships is the only way- and if you can't talk to the people you're spending time with, what are you even doing?

Saturn went retrograde on Thursday, April 6th in Sagittarius. When Saturn is in Sagittarius, this is all about spiritual integrity. This is the transit where if you are practicing spirituality in a way that is in any way a-moral or dishonest, you get found out. Wish the best for others, try to avoid negative thought-forms and repetitive constructs and do something nice for people who are nice to you. Saturn requires us all to be aboveboard in our actions and decisions.

Mercury is going retrograde in Taurus also as of Sunday, April 9th. This is a time where we could be called to question our value and our worth in many forms. Taurus is always intentional and always deliberate so if your worth comes to question over the course of the next few weeks, stay with it without judgment. Feel those feelings and combat them with your astounding enough-ness. You are enough. This time is a blessing for creativity and sensual experiences, so take hold!

On April 20th, Pluto goes retrograde. I am inherently Plutonian and enjoy the death/rebirth cycle of transformation and regeneration that happens when shit really hits the fan. Some people aren't so comfortable with the depths of life and that's okay because that is their path. Pluto retrograde usually brings up a lot of emotional baggage, so in order to really recognize this transit and to make the best of it, it's crucial to look at your stuff. If not, it's going to seep out in other ways. This is the best time for shadow work and spiritual growth. I'll never forget my friend LaDavius Carson saying "You can run on for a long time, but god's gonna cut you down" in the spirit of Johnny Cash. That's Pluto stationing retrograde.

On Monday, we'll be building up to a full moon on Tuesday with the Sun in Aries and the moon in Libra. It's all in the build, so today there'll be a heightening of energy in anticipation. The emotions could abound as the moon comes together with Jupiter retrograde in Libra. There could be big emotions surrounding relationships and their place and also a need to get out or in and escape or relax. Put your feet up and take a self-care day or hour or thirty minutes.

On Tuesday, the long-awaited full Pink Moon in Libra will finally be here! The moon in Libra is urging us to create balance on the relationship plane while the Sun in Aries pulls us in the direction of anxiously maintaining individuality. These are rather social signs and they are on the relationship axis, so maybe spending time socializing is a good way to go for this one. Writing down what you will and will not accept in relationships in this moment of clarity so you can look back at it when the planetary energies move on is a great way to spend this full moon.

Wednesday is tricky. The moon comes into the sign of Scorpio, which is in its "detriment" because the moon is at the mercy of its deep, dark emotions here. This will be directly opposite the sky from Mars in Taurus as well as Mercury retrograde in Taurus. This is where the emotions that are seething boil up over the surface and show themselves and tension and reactionary tendencies are high. Be careful not to alienate your loved ones with your words (Mercury) and do something that releases tension like exercising, yoga, sex, creative pursuits etc.

On Friday, the Sun in Aries is going to make a conjunction to Uranus. The Sun with Uranus is a big aspect that will bring us innovations and insights about the different directions we can go in from here. We could feel extra restless on Friday with a feeling of wanting to be anywhere but where we are. It's a day to dream big and take stock of what it is that you actually want so pay attention to what is on your mind moment-to-moment and be careful today. At the very least, let your true individual nature shine through and allow in some personal freedom if you can help it.

On Saturday, the moon ingresses into Sagittarius and Venus is going to be moving direct. The moon in Sagittarius may have us feeling like instead of attending to the responsibilities of life (like when the Moon is in Virgo) that we want to be social. Also, on the low side, drink/drug/etc to escape our problems. On the high side though, it can have us feeling like we want to tap into our spiritual side. Neither are mutually exclusive and it is your choice how you want to use this transit of la luna. I will say that the moon in Sagittarius is all about the truth, and with Venus direct this is a day to really see it. Venus retrograde has been a time where you are literally forced into doing major reflection about the way you treat others and yourself in the context of a relationship. It's important to take with you the lessons you learned during this time and see the clarity unfold. Act from that clear place.

On Sunday, our emotional expression may be slightly limited in regards to relationships. The Moon in Sagittarius will come over Saturn, which really restricts our ability to tap into that emotional intuition and diverts the attention to more practical matters. Venus is at the end of Pisces making a square aspect to the moon as well as Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius. A square aspect is that of confusion, disharmony and like one aspect of life just isn't adding up with the other. Check in with any feelings of unworthiness in regards to love, friendships, pleasure, money and emotions. This kind of sky can have us all questioning if we deserve what it is that we have. The truth is, who you are is enough without you having to DO anything or BE anything for anyone. Also on Sunday, we have Mars in Taurus making a sextile aspect to Chiron in Pisces. A sextile aspect is 60 degrees when two planets/asteroids/luminaries/points are in harmonious elements (when you mix earth and water, you get flowers/fire bolsters air and vice versa). This would be the energy I would lean into during this short-term moon transit causing some internal chaos and stuckedness. Mars sextile Chiron is actively doing something physically to help yourself heal. Go for a walk outside and feel how the breeze and warmth feel on your skin. Notice the colors of the plants and earth matter around you. Do some meditation centering around the body, practice yoga or have sex - come home to your body and you won't have to deal with missed intuitions and misinformation.

I hope you all have a lovely week, <3 Love and light, M

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