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Horoscope for the week of Mar. 27 - April 2 || New year, new intentions

Hello starseeds! I apologize for my absence. I was feeling like I needed to take a little break from writing, partially because writing from my old computer was so unmanageable. It's hard to write from the perspective of your higher self while you want to throw your technology I am very happy to rejoin contributing to the astrology knowledge base with a new computer.

Venus has been stationed retrograde in Aries since March 4th and will station direct on April 15th. Generally, when Venus is retrograde it's a time to reflect on our relationship nature, our offerings and the offerings of others. Venus also rules over money and abundance so it's a really good time to establish a budget and to give a big purchase a second thought, not necessarily a time to go on a shopping spree. In Aries specifically, this is a time to avoid starting any new relationship on a whim and to not end relationships on a whim. Aries goes through life on a whim and sometimes needs to integrate a pause where reflection takes place. Keep this in mind as you make romantic connections for the next few weeks.

On Monday, the first new moon of this zodiacal year will be taking place. This is where we want to examine and possibly ritualize the seeds we want to sew this year. What do you want to work on this year? Sit in reflection and let the answer to that question come to you, asking to receive. This is a great time for manifesting, intention-setting and affirming that what you believe shall be will be. This new moon will be happening close to Uranus, so expect that it will be a day of high vibration, but also restlessness and potential impatience as you anticipate what is to come. Mars in Taurus will be making a positive aspect to Neptune in Pisces also, so be sure to let go of anything that needs to be released and invite in healing prior to setting your intention for the next year.

On Tuesday, Venus in Aries (Rx) will be making a minor aspect to the karmic North Node in Virgo. This is simply suggesting that right now you check in with your relationships and how well they help you align to your soul and your purpose. Healthy relationships seem to give to that cause, where you feel supported, safe and loved unconditionally. If you feel like you have to engage with minor arguments a lot about trivial bullshit that doesn't matter or regularly feel resentment, anger and pain surrounding your partnership, take a good honest look at that and what part of your early life this relationhip reinforces. This is a day to begin to think about breaking cycles.

On Wednesday, Mercury in Aries is making a positive aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius. This is where you are being naturally guided to think before you speak, listen a little more than you speak and be very observant of the ideals and deeply held beliefs of you and those around you. It could be good to find solace in a teacher or a leader, someone who is a little bit older and wiser that you look up to and respect and can learn from.

Thursday is a doosy. Jupiter moving retrograde in Libra is going to be making a harsh aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Our relationships are definitely under fire in some way, being tested. This is a time where some unconscious stuff that is held inside about how society says we "should" act and behave, what isn't considered socially acceptable and has left us feeling constricted or limited in some way is coming to the surface. With Uranus in Aries, this is a time where we realllly want to connect to our individuality and be our true, unabashed selves without censoring literally anything. The people who love you for who you really are will stick around during this time. The moon and mars in Taurus will be linking up, causing some underlying anger to come up or long-held resentments to come out. It's a good idea to work all this out internally before exploding into the face of someone you love. Just sayin'.

On Friday, Mercury enters the sign of Taurus. Taurus is a rather slow-moving, sensual and graceful sign. This is a time where we can really gain a lot from embracing pure, deliberate and creative speech as well as being sure to give one thing your focus at a time (this is very difficult for me - my chart is so densely Virgo that I am almost always multitasking). It could be a way to ensure the work that you do is quality and very little is wrong with that!

On Saturday, the moon ingresses into Gemini, making it a great time to get some errands done and to do some reading, writing and learning. Learn one new thing on Saturday if you can help it! The Moon in Gemini brings with it some inner anxieties so make sure you have a release valve or an outlet for some of that stuff.

On Sunday, Venus retrograde cycles back into the sign of Pisces. Venus in Aries is very initiatory, blasting through and making lots of connections on the way. Venus in Pisces is very compassionate and full of unconditional love, but also some spiritual and karmic implications. A lot of astrologers talk about running into past lovers during Venus in retrograde and I think those karmic connections are more likely to come about when Venus is in Pisces rather than Aries, so just call to mind what your higher self would do if you feel pulled in a direction that isn't necessarily healthy or feels compulsive We'll be looking at some of the same patterns that we uncovered in early February and we'll be set to resolve them when Venus comes back into Aries after stationing direct on April 29th. We fall asleep sometimes, and then we wake up.

Love & light, Meredith <3

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