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Gemini March 2017 Horoscope

Early in the month, there will be a heavily Neptunian influence. Neptune dissolves boundaries and transcends the boundaries of space/time and has to do with escapist tendencies. With the Sun, Mercury, Neptune itself, Chiron and the South Node of the Moon (sometimes overlapping) all in Neptune-ruled Pisces, there is a tough time distinguishing between what is real and what is illusory. For Gemini specifically, this is happening in a part of the chart for you that represents your career, your public profile and your legacy. You may really seek a career that brings you fulfillment as well as the practical benefits of a career (healthcare, good pay, etc). It seems, though, like lately those two can’t coexist within the same position. Neptune is largely about sacrifice, so are you willing to go with less pay for more meaningful work? Would you rather do something tedious to get your financial needs met? This is a time for deep inquiry on the career front, Gemini. With the North Node in Virgo, the home is a great place for you to retreat during career stress.

There will be some interesting pushes and pulls coming from the Aries/Libra axis this month. This axis demonstrates the self versus the other. The “I Am” versus the “We Are.” Jupiter is still moving retrograde in Libra, allowing us some time to reflect on relationships and their higher meaning for us. This is happening in a part of the sky for you that represents casual dating relationships, sexual expression, fun, joviality and some indulgence. You may be re-evaluating the way that you spend your free time, who it’s spent with and whether or not you want that to change. Jupiter in Libra is going to be opposing Uranus in Aries on March 2nd, moving through your house of friends, networks, community and the collective consciousness. Maybe you have been participating in a fun and casual relationship with a friend to ease the burden of Saturn moving through your relationship house, or maybe you find yourself drawn to a friend for comfort as Venus is moving retrograde in Aries beginning on March 4th. This is not a time to start new relationships, however, or to end an existing one.

On March 9th, Mars is moving into Taurus, lighting up a part of the sky for you that represents the collective unconscious, dreams and the things that we mere mortals cannot see. Your energy source may be slightly depleted and your dream state more active than usual. Things may not make sense that normally do. This is a time for you to draw inward and figure out what insights are to be gleaned to put to action in your life. Gemini generally doesn’t want to go too deep into anything, but it could be a time to take a deep dive into things that you are avoiding looking at that could have emotional implications for you and those around you. Spiritual practices are great during this transit for you.

On March 12th, there will be a full moon with the Sun in Pisces and the moon in Virgo. This is going to be happening on the axis of the North and South Node, so this will be a very karmic day for all of us. The Sun in Pisces will be in your career house with the South Node, Neptune, Chiron as well as Mercury, so this is a time where you really want to find a new job or new career path to pursue, but there seem to be blocks occurring or the scenarios you find yourself in are not what you thought they were. The Moon in Virgo will be in your house of home and your heart, which is where the North Node is. The answer to this career issue is found inside of your heart and some of you may already know it.

Mercury enters Aries on March 13th followed by the Sun on March 20th. This activity will be lighting up a part of the sky for you that represents networks, community, friend groups and idealism. This is a good time to invest in something, albeit carefully, that could bring you lots of wealth and joy. This is also a good time to go out and be amongst likeminded others, just be careful with Venus moving retrograde here that you aren’t giving anyone mixed signals if you aren’t interested. Mercury and Venus join forces on March 18th, which is going to be a day that promises fair speech, kind words and clear communication. This may be from a friend, as they will be meeting up in your house of friend groups. Allow the love to wash over you and be grateful that it exists.

After this amazing Mercury-Venus day, Mercury in Aries will be opposite Jupiter retrograde in Libra on March 23rd-24th, which will be making a square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This is a day where it’s good to examine if you are bringing your true authentic self, the part of you that may be buried or below a certain threshold, to the table at all times. Authenticity doesn’t mean putting everything out there all the time, but if you are hurting and find someone willing to unconditionally listen, it’s okay to be vulnerable with the deepest parts of yourself (with discernment).

On March 25th, the Sun is meeting up with Venus in Aries in your house of networks, communities, friend groups and idealism. This could be a day where your ego is aligned with your love nature to pave the way forward on a project that could result in lots of money and gains, as this house is also the house of financial gains. It’s a good day to be cautious that you aren’t overpowering the group, but merely participating in it for best results.

On March 26th, Mercury will come together with Uranus in Aries which may bring you a slew of genius ideas that are innovative and may help you to really go somewhere in life and gain considerable financial compensation. Pay attention and write them down, because they’ll leave your head as soon as they came in. Your communication and the communication of others around you may be a bit unpredictable during this very restless mental aspect.

On March 31st, Mercury comes into Taurus, highlighting the part of your chart that represents the dream realm, the collective unconscious and things that can’t really be seen. Your mind may automatically go to a place that is out of this third-dimensional reality. Your external environment may stress you out a little bit more than normal or you may find yourself to be more sensitive. It’s important to not discount the stuff of feelings and energetics, even as a Gemini where thoughts and logic rules over all. Together, feelings and logic make up a perfect whole.

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