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Aries March 2017 Horoscope

Early in the month, there will be heavy Neptunian themes. Neptune dissolves boundaries and has a transcendent quality and also has to deal with things that are illusory or escapist. There may be a lot going on in your life right now in reference to the bigger picture of life. Having the Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron and the South Node, at some points overlapping during part of the in the part of the chart for you that represents your unconscious mind, fear, isolation and also everything that the human eye doesn’t really see. This gives way to some profound spiritual experiences that allow for profound growth and change. One example of this is a Near Death Experience (NDE). Through an unfortunate circumstance, you come into a bunch of information that you wouldn’t have had before and can’t view life the same way again. Of course it doesn’t have to be that drastic, you could have come upon some intuitive information by having a dream or by going through a breakup or a loss of a job. Know that when these planets and points change signs and come into Aries, these things that you can’t unsee will be crystallized into a part of your being, but there’s still some work that has to be done underneath the surface.

There will also be some interesting activity on the Aries/Libra axis. This axis demonstrates the self versus other people. The “I Am” versus the “We Are.” Jupiter is retrograde already in Libra, allowing Aries the opportunity for some next-level soulful reflection in the realm of partnerships. How can you be an individual, maintaining your uniqueness and the hobbies and routines that keep you centered, however extreme or outlandish they may be? This is the time to act from a place of authenticity because then you can have genuine relationships with people who understand the real you. The lesson of Uranus moving through your sign in opposition to Libra retrograde, as well as the Venus retrograde that begins on March 4th in your sign, is to retain who you are regardless of whatever happens and your relationships will improve as a result. This will prune away the people you who don’t add to your life force.

On March 9th, Mars moves into Taurus. This is where we take the new ideas that came up when Mars was in Aries and the impulse to act immediately and we slow it down a little bit, refine it and place value on these ideas as we start to make them into projects. This is where concentration on one thing at a time (my Mars in Virgo HATES this by the way) and slow, purposeful actions are more important than innovative strokes of genius. This is building upon the ideas that we already have had. This will be especially important for you when it comes to money- not a good time to make impulse purchases, but rather to wait and think about something expensive and shiny for a while before you buy it. This is a great time to enjoy new cuisine or to relish in the arts, Mars in Taurus’ favorite things.

On March 12th, there will be a full moon with the Sun in Pisces and the moon in Virgo. The Sun will be with the South Node, Neptune, Mercury and Chiron. This is the last full moon before the next new moon in Aries, closing the chapter on this zodiacal year. Neptune has been in Pisces for years and really represents a huge spiritual step forward for the world. Chiron represents the wounds that we are healing and the South Node represents past karma that hasn’t been cleared up quite yet. It is important with all these placements in Pisces that we use this moon in Virgo as our stabilizing link- our release valve. This is a good time to lean into the stuff that is practical and sober-minded instead of getting lost in the chaos. Clean up your surroundings and prepare for the next zodiacal year!

Aries begins to move through the aforementioned crystallization process where you start to assimilate some of the things you learned during Pisces season into your body and it changes your identity. This change will be more outwardly noticeable. Mercury moves into Aries on March 13th and the Sun goes into Aries (its’ favorite position) on March 20. Your focus shifts from the great beyond, back to yourself. How can you apply the changes you’ve undergone in the past year to make you a better person? Before Aries season, the Sun in Pisces and Mercury in Pisces will be harshly aspecting Saturn in Sagittarius. This is making sure that your beliefs and your values are on the same page with the identity you are trying to create – just as a little “test” before you reach the point where Mercury and the Sun move into Aries. Mars in Taurus will be supporting this for you, getting your finances in check. On March 18th, Mercury will be meeting up with Venus in your house of identity and your physical body, so this should be a lovely day for you. This is a time where speech is fair and nice words may come your way. Listen when people tell you something nice and then take it into yourself and believe it.

After this lovely Mercury-Venus day where the exchange of words is fair and nice, Mercury (planet of communication, intellect and the logical mind) will be brushing shoulders in a square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn as well as in an opposition to Jupiter retrograde in Libra. Be careful around your managers at work on this day and think discretely about the direction you want your career to take and if it’s in line with what is going on in your life now. It’s also a good time to evaluate the bigger picture of your relationships. Mercury in Aries tend to blurt things right out, actually any Aries placement tends to need to expel things from their mouth as an immediate action, but on March 23-24, really think before you speak or you could alienate your boss or your partner/potential partner.

On March 25th, the Sun will meet up with Venus in the part of the sky for you that represents your identity and your personality. Venus has been in your sign, which is already something that propels members of your preferred sex towards you for love relationships. The Sun with Venus is either a day where your ego could burn the people in your life you are relating to or it could be a day where you forget about yourself in favor of the company of loved ones. The Sun burns everything it comes into contact with just slightly. Open but purposeful communication is the best for Aries at this time.

On March 26th, Mercury in Aries will be coming into contact with Uranus in Aries, which is a time for new ideas to come into your head out of nowhere, especially in regards to how you want to be in your daily life. You realize that maybe some things haven’t been working in how you relate to others and that the changes start inside, especially because there’s a new moon in Aries on March 27th. The focus will be on how you can prune of parts of your identity that don’t work for you, old stories that need to be dropped, and people who you can let go of because of their lack of acceptance.

On March 30th, Jupiter in Libra is making a square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. These are lighting up the parts of the sky for you that have to do with other people, partnerships, etc as well as your career and legacy. Balance is the name of Libra’s game, as Jupiter is finding out now. Pluto is rapidly transforming your career leanings and sometimes that can pull you away from your relationships. Communication is key as well as inviting in understanding from the people in your life.

On March 31st, Mercury enters Taurus. Mars will have been causing your focus to shift towards money, personal finances and your value, causing you to actively seek out new jobs or new means of making income. Mercury is the logical mind whereas Mars is our drive, so you’ll be thinking up ways to increase the value of yourself or the things you own. When logic comes into contact with drive, an Aries can add quite a bit of value to their life.

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