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Aquarius February 2017 Horoscope

Early in the month, it’s a good time for you to look at your belief systems and how they have been influenced by everything you’ve ever experienced until now. Jupiter has been lighting up your house of belief systems, philosophy and spirituality for quite a while now. It will go retrograde on February 6th, so you could feel intuitively called to review your beliefs and see what isn’t working so that you can eliminate them and move on. Beliefs are what carry you into action and Aquarius wants to act from a deliberate place, so see what you’ve been holding onto for a long time and what you are ready to let go of.

Venus moves into Aries this on February 3rd, so you may feel as though your communications are nice and pleasant at this time. If you are single, this is a great time for you to meet someone in the places that you usually go, whether it’s the grocery store or your favorite coffee shop/bar. This may be someone you can really communicate with in the direct way that Aquarius prefers to. If you are partnered, this would be a good time to initiate a conversation with your partner… to find out what they think about everything going on in the world and how they feel about certain hypothetical situations. It’s a great time to play 20 questions, basically.

On February 7th, Mercury joins the Sun in your sign of Aquarius! A lot of thought and deliberation awaits you on your ego expression and your identity and how people in the world perceive you. Maybe there are some things that come to light that show you the discrepancies in the way that you are perceived versus where you are coming from. This is a time to not judge yourself, but to treat yourself like you would your best friend and love yourself regardless of your shortcomings. You can still change those things but it’s much easier to change them when you aren’t gripping at them so tightly.

On February 10th, there will be a revelatory full moon lunar eclipse with the Sun in Aquarius and the moon in Leo. This is going to be a day for you to see where your relationships are. Check in with them and hold space for what people are going through, but know that your needs have to be met and things have to feel reciprocated in order for there to be balance. Maybe make a list of the behaviors by partners that you will tolerate and behaviors that you will not tolerate.

On February 18th, the Sun moves into the sign of Pisces, followed closely by Mercury on the 25th. This is going to be a time for you to look at what you have been spending your money on lately and how it contributes to your life. Some things that aren’t necessary expenses may have to be postponed or you may have to find a less expensive route. You may realize that there are some material things that you have to give up for the highest good of your soul. It’s a great time to read about nonattachment.

On February 26th, there will be a new moon in the sign of Pisces. The Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron and the South Node will join the moon. These are very karmic times and this is highlighting that same part of your chart that has to deal with finances. This is the time when you really want to downsize and come to the core of who you are – understand the value of being rather than doing. You are worthy of all of the nonmaterial blessings without having to do anything to be worthy. Let that resound on this day for you, Aquarius.

Later in the month, Mars will be making a connection to Uranus in the part of the sky for you that represents communication, thought, speech and short-distance travel. This could be a stroke of genius where you realize something very suddenly about your life and your Soul’s purpose, or you’re just casually having a conversation with a friend and they say something that puts your jaw in your lap. Especially for you this month it will be good to keep a little notebook so you can jot down these bursts of inspiration so you can remember them and then later on encode them into your belief system.

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