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Capricorn February 2017 Horoscope

Early in the month, it’s a great time to examine the possibilities in reference to your career. Capricorn is naturally concerned with work, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary for you. However, Jupiter has been traversing the sign of Libra in your house of career and public profile. There may have been a lot of different career opportunities or a longing for a new job and thus a job search in the past several months. This is calling you to ask how you can infuse more of yourself and your will into your career so you can feel satisfied on a day-to-day basis. Jupiter is going retrograde on February 6th, so there may have been some opportunities that you felt passed you by that may cycle around again. Reflect on your options and what is the most likely to serve you in the long run.

Venus moves into Aries on February 3rd. This is going to be highlighting the part of your chart that represents home and family life, as well as your heart and your subjective emotional experiences. There may be a want to beautify your home and make it a place that you want to be. It’s a great time to cultivate your sacred space. This may mean that you may not have quite as much energy to deal with casual dating and that you feel more introverted at times, more close to home. If you meet someone and are single, if they don’t hit you in a deep place, then they probably won’t make the cut. If you are partnered, draw in together.

Mercury joins forces with the Sun in Aquarius on February 7th. Money will be on your mind during this Aquarius season because this is lighting up your house of personal finance, but also value and self-esteem. Are you getting properly compensated for your efforts? Do you feel like there are different routes of earning income you could go through that would provide you a bit more happiness? These placements in Aquarius will be aspecting Jupiter very positively which is lighting up your career house, expanding the possibilities for you. The important thing to keep in mind during this transit is to not get too busy that you miss out on a very important opportunity that could end up changing your life.

On February 10th, there will be quite an auspicious full moon lunar eclipse with the Sun in Aquarius and the moon in Leo. This will be on the axis that highlights your personal finance and your self esteem versus your deepest unconscious instincts, sex, transformation, rebirth as well as joint finances or other people’s physical and energetic stuff. This full moon, I recommend you go deep inside yourself and do some serious spiritual work, causing a shift in your way of being. Spend some time meditating, fornicating with your sexual partner if you have one, or if preferred be completely alone and do some serious inner exploration. Vulnerability is not necessarily a bad thing.

On February 18th, the Sun moves into the sign of Pisces, followed closely by Mercury on February 25th. This will be highlighting the part of the sky for you that represents communication, speech, short-distance travel and moving out and about in your neighborhood. It also represents logical learning. This transit will make you feel like the busiest bee ever. There will be lots of errands that need to be ran, possible fixes to your car, lots of people that will want to talk to you and places to go during this Pisces season. This is a good time to examine your belief system and your thoughts and how they influence each other. What is faulty that you could stand to get rid of?

On February 26th, there will be a new moon in the sign of Pisces. This moon will be joining up with the Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron and the South Node, so these are karmic times. Over the course of the past several years, you have been healing your communications and speech. You may have been made to feel inferior in this way and everything is happening for a reason to heal you of those feelings of inferiority. It’s because of this that this new moon would be a great day to spend in silence, maybe writing to help you narrow in on purposeful, deliberate speech and what it means to come to terms with your truth.

Later in the month, Mars in Aries is making a connection to Uranus in your house of home and family. This is very sudden and surprising energy, perhaps a sudden desire to move or change something about your home situation. This could also come as a realization that is very close to home and sort of a shock to the system. Grounding is an important practice for you at this time. Mars and Uranus are making an opposition to Libra in your house of career, so for Capricorn this is emphasizing the importance of a work-life BALANCE, evening out on either direction.

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