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Scorpio February 2017 Horoscope

Early in the month, you may notice that you are unconsciously pulled in a direction of spiritual growth and maybe transcendence away from your physical body in some way, maybe through the route of escapism. Jupiter has been traversing this house for several months now, so you’ve been doing some serious spiritual work and intermittently escaping the dredges of daily life. One thing to make sure of is that your communication is not directly impacted by these changes- that you are still reaching out to loved ones and you are still making the e-mails and the calls that help your life to run smoothly. Jupiter goes retrograde on February 6th, which is going to be highlighting the need to go inside and ascend to a higher plane of being, just keep everyone informed of your whereabouts.

Venus moves into the sign of Aries on February 3rd, increasing your chances of finding a better job and also bringing optimal health into your life. This could be a time to pay attention to coworkers who’d like to fraternize if you are single and looking. If you are in a committed partnership, it is a great idea to introduce a new dual exercise regimen and eating program together.

Mercury joins forces with the Sun in Aquarius in your house of home and family on February 7th. This is a time for you on the surface to make your house a more enjoyable place or to make steps towards buying and selling your home. Beneath the surface, this is a great time to make your home your spiritual habitat and to come to a deeper understanding of your private interior, your heart. Spend time every day nurturing your heart and your emotions in some small way, from journaling to practicing radical self-care each and every day.

On February 10th, there’ll be a full moon lunar eclipse with the Sun in Aquarius and the moon in Leo, both positively aspecting Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra. For you, this is going to highlight the spiritual private interior I was referencing earlier and also the part of you that you show outside of the house, especially in your career landscape. Maybe there’s a way you can use this deep work on yourself to positively influence the way people see you. An extra dimension of vulnerability could be an awesome thing to work on at this time.

On February 18th, the Sun moves into Pisces followed by Mercury on the 25th. This is an amazing time to connect to the spirit of fun and joy in your life. The past several months may have been a little darker and deeper, which is almost comfortable for any Scorpio placement, but it may be time to let the light in, let your hair down and enjoy life for a while. Do things that are creative and it will enrich your experience of life. There’s lots of time to be objective and to get things done, but Pisces season can involve serious fun and adventure for you.

On February 26th, there’s a new moon in Pisces. This will be joining up with the Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron and the south node. These are karmic times and this house represents creativity and also sexual expression, so there could be someone from your distant or not-so-distant past that makes an appearance for you at this time. Sometimes people come back into your life to remind you of the same lessons that they were here to show you in the first place. This transit is not the time to attach too strongly to this influence but more to reflect on the lessons themselves and what each person comes into your life for.

Later in the month, Mars is making a connection to Uranus in Aries, drawing an opposition to Jupiter in Libra. For you, this represents the most ethereal part of your chart and the most real part of your chart. You may stumble upon something in reference to your career path that you hadn’t quite thought of all of a sudden and this will help to propel you forward. It’s okay to do spiritual work for a living, and it’s okay to be your own boss. Giving yourself permission to move forward with these ideas is a big part of this transit for you, Scorpio.

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