Taurus February 2017 Horoscope

Early in the month, it’s good to check in with your belief systems and the way that they influence your lifestyle. Jupiter has been lighting up your lifestyle and health routines house for quite a while now, blessing you with new health routines or food choices that may seem to just fall in your lap. The trick is deciding whether or not what your days hold are in line with your belief systems and your highest Self. Jupiter is moving into a retrograde motion on February 6th, which may present some challenges in making self-care happen or may cause you to realize how badly you need some R&R. A good thing for you right now could be a food journal or a new blender to use for delicious smoothies that are also nourishing. Taurus leans towards excess in food and drinks, so the tendency to indulge will surely be there with Jupiter, ruler of excesses, transiting your lifestyle house.