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Gemini February 2017 Horoscope

Early in the month, it’s good to take a look at whether or not what you really want on a soul level is what you’re attracting in your social and dating life. Jupiter has been lighting up your house of romance, casual relationships, frivolous fun, creativity and children, so you may have had a great time in your social sphere the past few months. Still, this has been relatively surface up until this point. Jupiter is going retrograde on the February 6th, and it’s good to examine the kind of fun you want to have and what you don’t want from the people you are engaging in surface relating with. Plus, Mercury in Capricorn will be causing you to probe from a very deep place. Just be sure that everyone you are surrounding yourself with can handle your depths and accept them as they are.

Venus moves into Aries on February 6th, lighting up your house of social networks, large groups of friends, hopes, dreams and windfalls of luck. Venus brings love and attraction so maybe either you find love with a friend or meet a friend at a social gathering that has a certain something about them. If you’re in an existing partnership, you may be trying to rekindle that friendship aspect of your relationship as something highlights its necessity. This is a lucky financial, romantic and friendship transit if you decide to take advantage of it.

Mercury joins forces with the Sun in Aquarius on February 7th lighting up a part of your sky that has to do with your belief systems. Coming up with the things that wake you up every morning and give you the inspiration to keep going. This doesn’t necessarily lie in your thoughts although I know Gemini’s very easily confuse beliefs and thoughts. This is about closing out the world and coming into the truth of who you are and then operating from that place. Sun and Mercury will be shown light from Jupiter, so maybe there is a way to find this within your creative, expressive and sexual place. Since Jupiter is the teacher, maybe there’s someone in your midst you can look to as a teacher for speaking with deliberation and purpose.

On February 10th, there’ll be quite an auspicious full moon lunar eclipse with the Sun in Aquarius and the moon in Leo. This is a great time to think about how these beliefs are influencing your words. Gemini is known for not having much of a filter, but this full moon for you is about using your ideals and beliefs that sit at the core of your being to speak from the heart.

Later in the month, on February 18th, the Sun moves into the sign of Pisces, joined by Mercury on February 25th. This is a majorly increased focus on your career and where you’re going in that respect. Especially because your beliefs are being targeted for deeper inquiry by the universe, you may be craving a change of career that brings in more meaning-driven work without decreasing your value. There may also be a pull to be more internal and to stay at home right now, and that is perfectly fine as especially for you there is a lot to be gained from that. Right now it is important to figure out how to make your house feel more like a home, which can only support you in your career efforts.

On February 26th, there’s a new moon in Pisces. These are karmic times, so pay attention to the scenarios and situations that come about within five days of this new moon. What is the universe trying to teach you about your career and where you are headed? What do you want your legacy to look like? It’s probably very unclear, as we’ll have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, the South Node of the Moon, Neptune and Chiron all in Pisces. Maybe the magic isn’t in the work and in the effort, but instead surrendering to what you don’t know and allowing yourself to be shown.

Lastly, Mars is making a connection to Uranus in your house of social networks, large groups of friends, hopes, dreams and windfalls of luck and this will be opposing Jupiter in Libra taking up space in your house of fun and frivolity. These will be making harsh aspects towards Pluto in Capricorn that is down in your depths. There is a really big connection between what is going on for you underneath the surface and how you can bring that into your social and dating interactions. How can you be your truest and most authentic right now? Avoid any discrepancies that being dishonest may cause by looking at your dark side.

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