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Horoscope for the week of Jan. 16 - 22 + tarotscopes and oracle card reading for each sign!! | fluct

The week of Jan. 9 - 15 was highly energetic. Some of us may still be reeling from the full moon in Cancer and some of us may be feeling very erratic because of last weeks Sun-Uranus square, casting a restlessness and an anxiety of what the future holds and wanting to create things NOW. The North Node is in Virgo right now which means we have to do things in a planned and calculated way, so if you're predisposed to taking big risks, just make sure that all of the pieces will fall how you want them to - do your research.

On Monday, January 16th, Mars (our energy and drive) in Pisces is making a conjunction to Chiron (the wounded healer asteroid). A conjunction in astrology is where one planet/luminary/asteroid is very close or stacked on top of another planet/luminary/asteroid. This is a day where our energy levels may fluctuate and we may not get to everything we want to get done. It's easy to get down on ourselves in this overly productive world when not everything we want to accomplish is accomplished, but it's important to take rest when we feel we need to. We may be more sensitive to criticism prone to lashing out because of it, and when we're rested the chances of that happening are less. Pay attention to the sleep and food your body needs. There's also a chance that some deeper hurts and wounds that need to be healed further present themselves to you. LISTEN!

On Tuesday, January 17th, the North Node (what our souls are integrating now) in Virgo and Mercury in Capricorn are making a harmonious aspect. Mercury came out of its retrograde motion recently, but we've seen three times (Dec. 8, Dec. 30) since Mercury moved into Capricorn. Right now, there's a heightened focus on creating new projects, endeavors and relationships whereas on those earlier dates mentioned above, we were wrapping up and completing. Mercury can be found sorting through the details, so this is a great day to make sure your practical affairs are in order so you can successfully pave the way forward.

Wednesday, January 18th, is a great day to get together with those you love and to celebrate those in your life who lift you up. It's a great day to share deeper emotions and yearnings with people you trust. The moon, which represents our emotions and internal nature, will be conjuncting Jupiter, which expands whatever it comes into contact with, in Libra. Libra symbolizes the close people in our life and so this energy will expand the desire to share deeper feelings and create space surrounding them with loved ones.

On Thursday, January 19th, the Sun comes into Aquarius. The focus for the next month on an ego level is going to be making connections and the collective consciousness. The Sun loses sight of itself when it's in Aquarius and focuses intently on the needs of others around it. Is everyone in the collective consciousness getting their needs met? The answer to that is definitively "no," and if you notice and are affected by this, it's a great time for you to be active in a cause that you feel passionately about. The Aquarius archetype is intimately connected to friends as well, so this is a wonderful time to get out and about with the people dearest to you as well as to extend your hand to people who could become dear to you.

Also on Thursday, Mars in Pisces is making a square (harsh aspect) to Saturn in Sagittarius. This is all about belief. This is a time where we are questioning our purpose and the roles we are playing in our daily life. We are questioning where we are going and the purpose behind some things happening in our lives. Saturn is the taskmaster and the timekeeper who really wants us to make sure that our beliefs line up with our imagination (Pisces) and that we are acting from a congruent place. Once you have your ideals and beliefs lined up, surrender any worry and do the work that you're doing. The rest will follow. This will also be a time where our energy source is inconsistent- one moment, you may feel that you are going to crawl out of your skin with so much energy and the next you may feel entirely depleted. If you feel like you have too much energy, exercise and use it to accomplish things that may have been sitting on the back-burner for a while. If you feel like you have too little energy, rest. If you can't rest, there are awesome breathwork practices that are known to revive. Here is a link to an awesome breathing practice for energy called "bastrika" breathing or bellows breath:

On Friday, January 20th, Venus in Pisces is making a soft and harmonious aspect to Pluto. This gives a sense of passion and spirituality to relationships. If you're in an existing romantic partnership, this may be a time where you dive incredibly deep with this person, exchanging stories of vulnerability and compassion. If you're newly dating, this may be a time where you just can't get someone out of your mind. Luckily for us single folks, this is also a time where we can channel this spiritual, obsessive, creative and passionate energy into our existing endeavors.

On Sunday, January 22nd, the moon will come into Sagittarius and will join Saturn. This is a short-term influence because the moon moves incredibly quickly. This may temporarily hinder our emotional expression and could also bring in a sense of what needs to be done to get rid of a feeling of disequilibrium in the emotions. There could be a heightened sense of societal awareness at this time - what is expected from us, what we should be doing, etc. This may affect your depth of feeling, but only shortly.

Tarotscopes for each sign:

I'm using the Thoth tarot deck by Aleister Crowley (my favorite) to do a three card spread for each sign, shuffling five times in between (or however many I feel led to shuffle). I'll also be pulling an oracle card for each sign from my new oracle card deck, the Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor. Be sure to look at your sun, moon and rising signs for a more complete picture and e-mail me at if you need any help finding that.


Your spread shows me that you have recently undergone a big transformation that caused an uprooting of some aspects of your life. Things are pruned from our life for reasons and maybe you're beginning to see that now. This week your social calendar and your work life are both popping off. The chance to go out with friends and enjoy could lead to making the right connections for you to advance your career in some way. If there's a change that you're hoping to make in regards to your career, this could be the week... but not if you burn out first.

Energy oracle card: Rest and rejuvenation (reversed)

"When the Rest card is reversed, it could portend a time of bustling activity and seemingly unending business. You may be required to take more action concerning a project or a situation. Allow yourself to do what's needed, but always remember to schedule some leisure time for yourself. When you hurry through life without a break, it fragments your energy and creates an abrasive life force, causing potential frustration in all sorts of ways. Be careful not to let endless tasks take you away from yourself. The "have to" items on your list may be calling you, but this card reversed is telling you: Take the time to meditate, rest and relax!"

Taurus- There may be a change required in your practical environment. This change could bring in more balance and fairness, but for some reason you are holding off on making it. You are holding onto something that existed in the past, but has changed significantly. Taurus doesn't deal too well with change, but understand that when one door closes, another few open. You are required to adjust to your environment now for the highest good.

Energy oracle card: Blossoming abundance -

"This card shows a beautiful golden garden in the springtime with coins and new flowers blossoming all around. They hang like fruit on the tree above. Upright, this card signals a new increase in wealth, possibly in a dramatic and unexpected way. Be aware that you sow the seeds of your own wealth, possibly in a dramatic and unexpected way. Be aware that you sow the seeds of your own wealth and prosperity, much like a gardener works the ground and begins to see blooming results take hold. This card upright indicates that the Universe is blessing you and helping the fruits of your labor to blossom. So smell the flowers and tend to the new growth. Be grateful and enjoy.

Gemini- You may feel like you lack power and control in your situation. There may be a way that you would do something with regard to work or career that is much more objective and practical but there's someone, potentially a boss, that keeps shutting that down in favor of grander ideas that require a lot of work from you. You could feel defeated when it comes to your recent efforts and you're having a hard time moving past it. This week, the Mars square Saturn transit is encouraging us to have patience with ourself and others in our environment, so heed that and know that things never stay the same.

Energy oracle card: Storm Warning -

"This card indicates a potential difficulty- either in the external world or within yourself and your emotional life. The difficulty is coming closer, and you may have already heard rumblings of potential problems around you. The caution here is to be conscious, not fearful. Consider what is going on and look at the situation with calm clarity. Investigate your options and take action on your own behalf. As with all difficulty, even the worst storm passes. Always remember you have the power and the wisdom to handle whatever may come your way."

Cancer- It appears to me that you are coming out of a really turbulent, stressful and painful time in your life. It's as if you've just crossed the finish line in the toughest race of your life and you're trying to stay positive and upbeat. Some minor annoyances and hangups are lingering and you may be feeling blocked in starting over with a new love, new creative project or new career venture. A good visualization for this is to envision yourself walking in a storm, getting drenched by the precipitation. Then, you notice up ahead that it's sunny and dry. You cross over from the damp and painful to the sunny and dry land and you feel the sun's rays on your face. You are fully capable of moving on from this time, but belief is required.

Energy oracle card: Man holding a coin (reversed)

"This card reversed reveals that you could be acting against your own best interests where money or health matters are concerned. You might be spending a little too much or simply not be conscious enough about what's really important. If that's the case, become more aware of your choices and priorities, and bring more discipline to your life. This card reversed could also be warning of a self-absorbed or dismissive man who may be out for his own advancement- even at the cost of your own. Be conscious of the critical or demanding men around you, and always remember that you alone determine who has the real power in your life."

Leo- There is a feeling of stability on a spiritual and emotional level this week, Leo. You could be coming from a place of lack where these are concerned- maybe you're not being fed by your external environment- and you realize how much this comes from within you. You may also be initiating a new creative project with ideas or you may be initiating a sexual endeavor. This reading shows a balance between your internal and external, spiritual and practical, and I suspect it's because you stopped looking outside of yourself for these feelings of spirituality and contentment.

Energy oracle card: Second chakra, Archangel Ariel (reversed)

"When this card is reversed, you may find that your creativity is being blocked. If this is the case, you might need to take more risks and open up to new and different ideas. Go inward to find the feelings that may be causing this blockage. Call upon Ariel to help you release old fears and self-limitations. Affirm that you are open to Spirit's love and creative inspiration. This card reversed can also signal problems with intimacy of all kinds, and issues of sexual intimacy in particular. Visualize Ariel spinning a beautiful light in your second chakra, calming and healing the energy there. Know that real closeness can be both safe and comfortable for you, and that you deserve a depth of sharing in your relationships."

Virgo- I know a lot of Virgo's who are very accustomed to the "all-work-no-play" lifestyle. It appears as though you're lacking emotional and spiritual fulfillment right now. You may be going through a breakup or a situation regarding new love has brought you incredible disappointment. It's likely that you're having a hard time feeling heard and understood by those who have known you the longest. There may have been a wish made that wasn't granted. This has you feeling very emotionally distraught. It's easy for me to say that time heals all wounds, but really, give yourself a break from thinking about these situations (as Virgo has a tendency to mentalize things). Think about something else for a while, go move your body, eat a healthful meal, organize something that desperately needs to be organized or go sit in nature. These things all help Virgo arrive at an emotional equilibrium.

Energy oracle card: Happy family -

"The rainbow over this happy family portends a time of joy and celebration. Close connections are available, so don't overlook the fun and frivolity that a friend or experience can bring. The value that you find in a truly loving relative or friend brings a higher vibration to your life force. You may be distracted or busy, but remember to put this part of your life in the forefront of your priorities. If you're single, finding this card in your spread could indicate a potential meeting (and perhaps relationship) with someone who has children from a previous marriage. This ready-made family might bring some challenges, but it could be your destiny in this lifetime. This card may also signify a celebration coming up, such as a wedding, anniversary or party. Enjoy!"

Libra- You may be putting off healing and control over your life in favor of worry. It seems silly when I put it like that but it's quite easy to allow the negative self-talk tape to play in your head on repeat. It takes much more work to try to control your thoughts. If you're interested, it's as simple as having a negative thought about something and then excavating that negative thought by using an affirmation like "I know that everything will be okay" or "I am doing just fine" "I am healing" "I am in control over my circumstances." Maybe make this your practice for a while until you can stomp out negative patterns of thought, which are externalized into behavior and what you attract in your life.

Energy oracle card: Indecision (surprise surprise :p)

"This card marks the presence of two (or more) possible choices in your life. It shows you anxiously looking at two roads, wondering which would be the better choice. Yet you are standing still, feeling confused by the up-and-down emotions of your present indecision. You could spend days, months or even years in this back-and-forth energy - all the while feeling your focus and your life force energy draining away. This indecision creates a paralysis of will, one that can keep you stuck while you're waiting to be certain about the results of your choice. It's time to let go of the analysis and self-doubt that have been keeping you stuck. Meditate on your options and see where your spirit guides you. Consider which direction resonates with you most - both in the process and in the goal. Follow your heart and make the honoring choice."

Scorpio- You could have a tempter/temptress in your midst, Scorpio! There could be a person rushing into your life with sexual ideations. This could either be someone who is not looking out for your highest good, someone who is manipulative or someone who is just fine as a person but could indirectly cause you to go off path just by being in your life. This week also shows potential for transcendence of the physical, which could happen via orgasm or meditation. Interesting! Just be careful and keep your eyes open and your wits about you.

Energy oracle card: The thinking woman (reversed)

"This card reversed could represent a difficult time for your own personal growth. You may be feeling confused about your personal purpose or disconnected from your heart's true path. Look within and open up to your own inner guidance. Trust your intuition about what you need to learn in order to move on. The thinking woman reversed could also indicate a woman who is misleading you or giving you misinformation of some sort. Be aware and set boundaries. Remember your own spirit is always your best guide!"

Sagittarius- This spread shows me that there's a safe bubble that you're making a home for yourself in. It includes people, activities and jobs that are comfortable for you. Sometimes, we like to take up space in our safe bubble instead of making life decisions in our best interest that would jolt you into something deeply fulfilling, closer to the life you want. It's way easier to be comfortable than uncomfortable, but sometimes discomfort is most needed for growth.

Energy oracle card: Victory (reversed)

"The victory card reversed signals a delay or reversal in a hoped-for outcome - whether it's in personal change or external achievement. Success may have been eluding you for quite some time, but don't despair. You may need to restructure things, reevaluate or release one specific outcome and set your sights on another. Whatever's going on externally, remember that the equanimity of peaceful surrender can often be your biggest victory of all."

Capricorn- Coming into stillness requires some willpower and dedication. Doing activities like meditation, yoga or even taking a walk in nature can allow you to find stillness, which results in mental clarity or healing. You may be avoiding this stillness in favor of the fast-paced flow of daily life, busying yourself with all sorts of things related to practical matters. There is something in your midst that requires clarity and insight for you to move on and there's a few things that can help you arrive at that, but being overly concerned with the external world and dilly-dallying in the details is not gonna get you there.

Energy oracle card: Deceit

"This card comes as a warning that there may be some deception going on in your life. The person hiding behind the curtain is likely someone you know or deal with either personally or professionally. The duplicity could be regarding a personal issue - like someone spreading rumors or disrespecting you to others. Or it could be a business matter where details are being hidden or even manipulated. Be aware of what is going on in your life. The man behind the curtain is holding a bag of something valuable, so watch your money and your good name, and make sure you have all the information you need to keep things honest and secure. A deeper layer of meaning may be that the deception is coming from within. Is there something that you're lying to yourself about? In this case, the bag of valuables may be holding things like self-esteem, happiness and even leisure time. Whether it's about your life or yourself, remember that the Universe has a hard time sending you honoring experiences if your energy is shrouded in self-deceit."

Aquarius- You may be worried about money right now, Aquarius. The thing is, what you lack in money (at this moment) you are gaining in spirituality and wisdom. You are receiving a lot this week in terms of intuition. Pay attention to your dreams, stay alert for the keeping of secrets. You are at the end of a cycle right now, and the new cycle that you start could bring you several open doors of wealth AND spiritual happiness and fulfillment.

Energy oracle card: Door to personal healing and happiness (reversed)

"You may be feeling stuck where your personal intentions are concerned. Self-mastery and discipline may be hard to achieve right now, or specific plans for personal change may be being blocked. REmember that your intentions need to be clear and unconflicted. Whatever you're working on, you need to konw that you are capable of achieving it- and that you deserve it. Put your heart into the plans and changes you desire and realize that you are worth your own time and effort. The new beginning you seek will come with your own focus and patient determination."

Pisces- You may be in a place where you're favoring material pursuits over something that feels like it's in your highest spiritual good. You're trying your best to stay honest, loyal or faithful to something and someone and to remain objective and try to sustain an intellectual perspective. Sometimes it appears logical or intellectual to neglect spiritual callings in favor of something that brings you material value, but Pisces is a very spiritual sign, so just spend some time reflecting on what it is you really want from your life so you can arrive at a more congruent picture.

Energy oracle card: The Sun

"The sun brings blessings to the earth, and this card portends blessings in your own life as well. Just as the sun nurtures the earth, bringing new life in the spring and summer, this is your time for a new beginning, the onset of a nurturing, new light in your life- the onset of Divine inspiration and personal growth. This card often marks a time of great creativity, bringing the culmination of an inspiring new project, such as the birth of a baby or the writing or publication of a new book- or even the birth of a new you! Now is the time to put your energy into expressing your truth and vision. Visualize the light of Divine love, pouring into your heart and mind like the rays of the sun, bringing inspiration, growth and abundant blessings. See the future you want to create and know the sun is shining on your intentions now."

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