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Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - the crazy within all of us

One of my favorite topics in astrology is the outer planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. They orbit very slowly, so it's likely that everyone in your generation has the same Uranus, Neptune and Pluto signs. They represent generational focuses and trends. However, it's really important to consider the house placement of these planets as well as the aspects they make to your luminaries (sun, moon) and personal planets. I'll be writing more on house placements of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto but I just wanted to give a quick introduction as to what these crazy planets are and how to navigate through their influences.

Uranus is the planet of change, innovation, new technology and ups and downs. Whenever I think of Uranus, I think about the mad scientist genius who is also extremely mentally ill or manic. Whatever Uranus touches in your chart will be subjected to a lot of unexpected twists, turns and stuff coming up out of the blue. Uranus comes with themes of personal freedom and not wanting to be caged in or held down. Wherever Uranus is aspected in your birth chart will show strokes of genius and an unusual way of being others may not directly understand. Uranus is also intuitive so it can show that you innately understand broad concepts related to whatever house and planets it is touching. In compatibility, Uranian relationships are rarely secure. They may provide you with the inspiration you need to get through a certain time in your life, but these are the relationships that are never what you want them to be. Uranus loves through distance and freedom. The current orbiting Uranus can teach you about what part of your life is undergoing massive change so you can experience something better.

Neptune is the planet that represents transcendence of the physical body. Neptune is the boundary dissolver and in a way carries with it the Christ-consciousness. Death of the ego is Neptune's forte. Some people go about this using unhealthy routes of escapism, endlessly indulging in drugs and alcohol. Addicts usually have strong Neptunian themes in their birth chart. Another way to go about such an ego death is through spirituality and meditation. Phenomenon such as astral travel and mediumship are ruled over by Neptune. Neptunian relationships are never quite what they seem and have to do with projection and illusion on the shadow side but forgiveness and unconditional love on the light side. The current orbiting Neptune can feel like a fog coming over a certain part of your life only for you to understand when it changes signs.

Pluto (my personal favorite) is the planet that represents death and destruction and the wisdom to be gained from that. This is where the phoenix rises from the ashes over and over and over again. Trauma, power struggles, abuse, obsession and serious emotional turmoil can make certain people empowered and enlightened if they so choose. Everyone handles Pluto's energy differently. If someone has a more positive, happy-go-lucky disposition, then Plutonic energy may terrify them. Pluto just exists to get you to see that darkness is unavoidable and very much a part of life we all have to reconcile with. My dear friend Ladavius quoted Johnny Cash the other day and that is a perfect metaphor: "You can run on for a long time, but God's gonna cut you down." There is something very divine and deeply spiritual about Pluto. In compatibility, a very Plutonian relationship would look like two people who are bound by this underlying thread of soul understanding. Pluto in compatibility can also resemble empath/narcissist dynamics as well as an imbalance of power. In the worst case scenario, Plutonian relationships can be very abusive, violent, obsessive and controlling. The current orbiting Pluto is burning down whatever it comes into contact with so something amazing can grow in its place in a way that isn't always the kindest.

Let me know if you have any questions on these awesome outer planets and stay tuned for more blogs about these outer planets in the houses! For a more detailed reading, e-mail me at

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