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Horoscope for the week of Dec. 26 - Jan 1 | manifestation station + conjunction junction // new moon

Happy Christmas or Hanukkah if you celebrate! The holidays are always a busy, hectic and sometimes triggering time for people. I am here to say that the astrological energy this week is not really going to be giving us a break, unfortunately. Everything is rapidly changing right now and it's important for us to be able to be okay in flux. Trusting the universe is one of the lessons I've spent 2016 working on and knowing that there is a purpose for all of the chaos that has been experienced this year. One thing that has come up for me personally lately is that the future is not even a little bit set. You can be a co-creator in your life. Manifestation is an art form and if we can visualize how we want our life to be and create the feeling of what that is in our bodies, we will attract that. If we are malicious, negative and perpetually unhappy, we are inviting in more unhappiness. Keep that in mind during this turbulent time - there is, in fact, a loving and cosmic reason for everything. Let go and let God(dess).

The day after Christmas, Monday, December 26th, there's a lot of stuff going on. Jupiter is in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries, which is a nice little balancing act for us to maneuver around. The moral of the story with this aspect is that we have to be able to be 100% ourselves in our relationships. In relationships where we are hiding a part of ourselves, we are robbing not only ourselves the opportunity of authenticity but we are robbing others of the opportunity to have an authentic response to our authenticity. Be yourself, your whole real true self, and let the pieces fall where they may. Since Mars in Pisces is opposite the North Node of the moon in Virgo, we have to be careful not to squander our efforts when it comes to what we really have to be doing. Make a list of three important things you'd like to accomplish during the day and one thing you will do to feed and give into your imagination or spiritual practice. The Sun in Capricorn making a positive aspect to the North Node as well will make it feel really good when you get good work done and will make you feel lazy and complacent when you don't. When I say good work, I don't always mean work that pays the bills. This can include exercise, meditation, spiritual work, whatever you're developing or practicing, self-development, writing and maybe also stuff you have to get done to pay the bills. Cultivate yourself, release the outcome and let the rest fall into place. Watch your words today as Mercury in Capricorn is making an aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Be deliberate and artful with your speech.

Tuesday is a great time to be productive and also to be creative, imaginative and spiritual. The Sun (representing ego expression) in Capricorn which is incredibly productive is making a supportive aspect to Pisces (representing imagination, creativity and spirituality). This could be a really good day for doing some vision boarding or automatic writing in an effort to manifest what you want. This is a good day to embody gratitude.

Wednesday is a day where our mind may be racing and circling back around things that we still have to do in regards to work, errands and those efforts that make life come together. It's good to go slowly and not try to do too much at once. There is a square aspect (tense and confusing) from Saturn in Sagittarius (constriction of thoughts and beliefs) and Chiron in Pisces (where we are most deeply wounded in our unconscious mind). This can possibly indicate some hurt feelings in regard to a situation that has affected you deeply in the past few months. A good thing that could help us cope with this today is by writing, crafting or drawing with Mercury (hands) in Capricorn making a supportive aspect to Mars in Pisces (imagination in action). Doing something intricate with your hands can really pull you into the present moment.

Thursday is the new moon in Capricorn! This is the time to think about the seeds that we want to plant next year. Take the time to allow the feelings of what we want to take form in your body and feel gratitude for them as if they had already happened. New moons are really powerful for manifestation and new seeds and stones left unturned up until this point, so really believe what you want and see it on this day.

On Friday, Mercury in Capricorn is making a very supportive aspect to the North Node in Virgo, which we experienced a few weeks ago when Mercury was not yet retrograde and in its shadow phase. This is where we are assimilating the lessons we have learned in the past few months on a mental level. Since the Sun, also in Capricorn and still in close cahoots with Mercury, is making a harmonious aspect to Neptune in Pisces, this will seep in on conscious (sun) and unconscious (Neptune) levels. It'll be visceral.

Lastly, New Years Day. Mars in Pisces is making a conjunction to Neptune in Pisces, which means they'll be on top of each other in the sky on the same degree. This indicates a time where our action can reflect our imagination. Daydreaming and drawing inwardly to reflect and be present on this day will have marked benefits in the year ahead. See it, feel it, believe it and release it. Watch it show up in the coming weeks.

Blessings and as always for a more detailed reading e-mail me at

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