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Tarotscope for Dec. 19 - 25 | when you lose toxic relationships, you gain understanding and self-lov

I used my favorite tarot deck, Aleister Crowley's Thoth Deck, by shuffling five times (or slightly more depending on whether or not I was led in that direction). I used three cards for each sign and paid special attention to body sensations as I was shuffling to draw further insight. I would highly recommend reading the tarotscope of your sun sign for the general energy, your moon sign for your deeper emotional experience and your rising sign for the surface layer of life.

Aries: Right now you may be feeling quite inward. There may be a secret that comes out this week that leaves you feeling pretty stunned, or there may be a highly intuitive woman in your midst that is there to help illuminate your way forward. It could be that you are having dreams and visions of what you want to create in your life and if that’s the case, pay attention. You may feel like your efforts this week in work and finance are greater than your compensation and in this case, the spiritual realm could be a good place to take that problem.

Taurus: While I was shuffling, the cards became really sticky and several fell out. I also had a feeling of tightness in my chest and my heart started beating faster than usual. Before I turn over the cards I know something is happening so I just want you guys to know that I am sending all the Taurus’ love this week. Now that I’ve turned over the cards, I see why I felt this way. Some of you are going through a breakup or a general unfairness in regards to a love situation. This has caused you to feel defeated and ruined. This is the part where I tell you that everything happens for a reason and that time heals all wounds…. But the reality of the situation is that there’s nothing easy about a relationship ending and you just have to take it moment by moment and process these feelings and anxieties as they come up. Special blessings for Taurus this week!

Gemini: There may have been at one point a choice between two people or more consideration given to the feelings of others and less consideration for how you feel. You’re taking your power back this week, kinda like you're saying "I don't need any of you, I'm just going to be by myself right now" – this reading shows me you having an abundance of everything you need already with you. You may be healing a broken heart or coming out of hardships regarding a relationship and your efforts in that regard have surely paid off.

Cancer: As I was shuffling my cards there was a feeling of imbalance in the distribution of cards in each pile every time and I experienced a little bit of a loss of feeling in the top of my head, which tells me that there’s something that is imbalanced in your life and there’s a chance you may be ignoring your intuition about this, even before I turn over the cards. You may be doling out efforts in people or places that don’t deserve you this week, Cancer, and you may pay for it. This is a reminder from your friendly neighborhood astrologer and tarot reader not to spread yourself too thin this week catering to different people, even though the temptation to do so may be there.

Leo: As I was shuffling these cards I felt a pain or harshness in my low back and the cards were really sticky in the same way as Gemini. This could be a sign that you’re trying to do too much all at once. Take it slow, take it easy and don’t forget to listen to your body and to rest. I’ve now turned over your cards and you are adjusting to what seems like a minor change on the surface but is really taking you through a slow burn of deep transformation. There’s a feeling of not being able to ask for help in your circumstances or coming up against some arguments or turmoil with those closest to you. Open your heart despite the circumstances and your light will diffuse any tension.

Virgo: As someone with lots of Virgo placements, I know how important for you it is to feel competent in your life and able in all of your circumstances. I know how much Virgos love to be the expert in what they’re doing and want to have all of the answers to even all of the unforeseen questions that inevitably come up. There is a general feeling if you’re new to a career or taking on some new responsibilities or even if you’re not as though you are having a hard time keeping up with your workload and you’re having a hard time being everyone’s everything. The good thing is, that’s not really required of you. Relinquish the need to have your sh*t together all the time. It’s more important now to focus on the feeling of stuckedness and lack of passion that is vexing you right now anyway.

Libra: The wisest of all is the person who knows they know nothing. I’m here to say f*ck what you know. When you let go of all of your preconceived notions about certain situations or your life, your humility and ability to admit that you of all people aren’t perfect will really help you to gain whatever it is you seek, if it’s money or love. Surrender yourself to what is happening right now, even if it seems like it’s happening incredibly fast. Create some mental space for yourself using meditation and hold on because it may be a bumpy ride in a great and terrible way!

Scorpio: As I was shuffling your cards I gleaned a very visceral intuition: a need to let go of something that is really, really hard to let go of. Sending some major love to Scorpios this week. As I turn over your cards, I see that some of you have made that really difficult shift and others of you are holding out on me. There is a feeling of honor usually associated with doing the right thing as well as a relieving of serious burdens and worries you really don’t need weighing you down. Let. It. Go.

Sagittarius: When I was shuffling, I slowed so far down that I almost stopped. This bears warning that if you don’t slow down and take rest every now and again there may be something that stops you, so just be mindful of your energy levels – with Mars now in Pisces you are especially sensitive to the lack of energy and need to be internal, potentially a homebody. Some of you could come to a point this week where you either do the right thing or the wrong thing. If you don’t know the answer to something, don’t pretend you do. If you have an opportunity to participate in some illegal or otherwise not aboveboard behavior, know that you’ll be found out. I know you guys are going through a lot right now so be patient with yourself and whatever choices you make this week, however ill-informed.

Capricorn: You have some emotional energy this week, Capricorn. You may be nursing your wounds or feeling more internal, reflecting upon your dreams or intuitions. You may also be turning to unhealthy and escapist routes to seek to run away from some of the emotional pain that you feel. There’s a chance too that you are letting some things get away from you, like projects or work-related stuff, for the sake of maintaining inner balance and peace. Do whatever you need to heal yourself during this time, just try not to drink too much.

Aquarius: Some of you are letting go of an impatient or pretentious person this week and to that I say: good riddance to bad rubbish! You’re finding comfort in the emotional connections by way of close friends and family you have in your life over a meal or beverage, patiently waiting for what is next. This may be a creative new beginning in regards to love or work, just make sure you’re fully disentangled to be able to experience the quickness of this fully.

Pisces: There are some major players that are resources for you to tap into this week, Pisces. You have a feminine energy popping up in your reading that is connected to your career. She has been down the same road that you are headed down now and may serve to be a wonderful teacher. There may be a masculine fire sign energy in your life that is taking some time to be by themselves, or you are taking some time apart from them. This separation, regardless of which area of life it relates to, is very necessary for your general wellbeing. Letting go of them will really help you to be sharp, decisive and to make serious moves in your career by building a relationship with this savvy woman. Shift your focus.

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