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Saturn in the twelve signs and what feels restrictive to you -

Saturn is the planet that gets the most grief from astrologers and people who follow astrology alike. Saturn is what's considered a "malefic" influence, which means that it can be a negative influence in the way that it constricts the expression of whatever it comes into contact with. Saturn wants you to walk before you can run and run before you can drive. He is the father of time and the taskmaster. He will put obstacles, delays, rules and red tape surrounding things you really want. He will make you think long and hard before you take any major risks or show you how you could have thought harder once you make them. The common misconception is, however, that Saturn wants the best for you. The lessons you learn only serve to help you learn, grow and avoid making the same mistakes again.

When Saturn comes into a sign in the natal chart, it will limit the expression of the traits of that sign in the early part of life, and will delay fortune in whatever house placement it comes into contact with. It will constrict the natural expression of whatever planet it is aspecting as well. When the Saturn sign that is in your natal chart is met by the transiting Saturn (the Saturn that is actively moving throughout the celestial bodies), what happens is a phenomenon talked about in astrology called the "Saturn return." This is when the delays and the constrictions can really put someone on their ass for a while. It usually happens when someone is around 28 and 54 as Saturn takes 28 years to transit from Aries through the signs and back to Aries. Ask most people - they probably went through a lot of significant life changes during that time that caused them to fall hard. What happens is that you stand up and keep moving, learning the lessons that Saturn has placed in your path and then moving forward. Then something great happens, the frequently missed part of Saturn that is good. This is when you start to really come in and own the traits of your Saturn sign and then experience good fortune in whatever house it's in.

*PSA: You are more than just your Saturn sign. If you'd like a more in-depth reading, feel free to e-mail me at Everyone's psychological fingerprint is so markedly different and I'd be happy to walk you through yours in a way that is kind and loving.

Saturn in the twelve signs -

Aries: Saturn in Aries generally have trouble with asserting themselves. They'll keep their head down and keep their head down, and then they will explode in a fit of anger instead of saying something assertively at the right times. Saturn in Aries is one of the placements in medical astrology that denotes headaches, migraines or neurological problems as Aries rules the head. They may be aversive to authority... even though they have a very hard time coming into leadership positions and feel like a loser when they aren't in a leadership position. Once they go through their first and second Saturn returns, they'll be able to figure out how to assert themselves effectively and take on leadership roles because really, the person who can see all of the cracks in leadership should be a leader themselves.

Taurus: Saturn in Taurus people have a "thing" with money. This thing is a feeling of inherent financial lack and therefore fear of not having enough (even if there's no reason at all for them to feel this way). This can lead to an obsessive preoccupation with money like that of a miser. The feeling of lack just creates more lack, in accordance with some of the universal laws, so through fear these people are actually creating a lack of financial abundance for themselves. In medical astrology, problems with the throat can be shown with this position. There can also be a tendency of disembodiment with Saturn in Taurus people - that in order to feel things in their body they may have to put themselves through extreme or excessively hedonistic measures. After their first and second Saturn returns, they will be more confident that whatever they have is enough with a little bit of faith, trust and fairy dust.

Gemini: Saturn in Gemini has a hard time with socializing, especially with new people. They may have had a stutter or a speech impediment when they were little, or life experiences that led them to having social anxiety when they're out and about. They may have a hard time making friends and acquaintances but once someone is in their circle they're in for life. Saturn in Gemini may also struggle with multitasking and need to do one task at a time, with focus and deliberation, and it may take them longer than their peers. In medical astrology, this position of Saturn can be shown to display problems with the lungs or the hands. After their first and second Saturn returns, they may find an easier time in speaking their truth casually in conversations with other humans. They may find laughter and levity to come easier than before.

Cancer: Saturn in Cancer people may have good old fashioned mommy issues. Something about that most pivotal relationship in their life has caused them to have a distaste for emotions because their mother had an unhealthy relationship with them. They may have had a mother who was cold and indifferent who would deem emotions bad when they as a child naturally displayed them. They also may have had an extremely overly emotional mother who caused them to hate the display of emotions. Being emotionally stunted can cause a great deal of problems in relationships. In medical astrology, this position of Saturn can be shown to display problems with their chest. After their first and second Saturn returns, they'll more understand the necessity of dealing with emotion as a part of life that shouldn't be surrounded by shame and stuckedness.

Leo: Saturn in Leo people can have a hard time connecting to their subjectivity. Saturn in Leo are disconnected from their inner spirit of youthfulness and their inner child. They can have a hard time connecting to their heart and their ego-expression. This can look like someone who doesn't connect to their ego authentically and so they can come equipped with a full bravado. They can be overly concerned with the opinions and expectations of others, since they have a hard time connecting with what it is THEY want. Problems with the heart are exactly what this position of Saturn entails in medical astrology. After dealing with their first and second Saturn returns, they'll be able to connect with what they really want and their creativity of expression and love.

Virgo: Saturn in Virgo people can be obsessive-compulsive when it comes to work. They could have a hard time winding down after a long day and are seriously prone to workaholism. Their mind doesn't stop organizing their environment and they can be prone to overthinking their food choices and hypochondriasis. They can end up in dead-end jobs where they feel very unappreciated for how much work they're doing. In medical astrology, problems with digestion, somatization of mental stress and anxiety can be shown with this position of Saturn. After going through their first and second Saturn returns, they can be more open to a work-life balance, prioritizing stress management as a necessity rather than a luxury and can focus on having a career that advances.

Libra: Saturn in Libra people can have a hard time getting lost in love. They make wonderful diplomats and can be very objective, but early on they have a hard time letting their heart speak for them. They can get caught up in the reality of the situation and will typically not follow a romantic whim. They marry for practical reasons, such as money or kids, if they get married early on. They realize then the importance of real love, however they still can be seen as highly critical and shrewd when it comes to romance. This position of Saturn in medical astrology will really affect someone's kidneys and general filtration system in the body. After going through their first and second Saturn returns, they have a better chance of tuning in to how romantic relationships make them feel instead of what they think about them objectively.

Scorpio: Saturn in Scorpio people can be very disciplined when it comes to their emotions and the giving and receiving of power. Though they tend to be highly emotional and sexual, they often have a feeling of wanting to "win over" their emotions and sexual impulses for the sake of retaining their power. The challenge with this position of Saturn is to show vulnerability with people who have shown themselves worthy of it. There's a lot of emotional depth that goes unseen with this placement, but once they open up and let the right people in, they can see that not everyone is trying to rob them of their precious power. This position of Saturn in medical astrology can represent the private organs - reproductive system for women, penis and testicles for men. After going through their first and second Saturn returns, they will have a more well-rounded relationship to power and will be more open with their emotions.

Sagittarius: Saturn in Sagittarius can be encouraged not to think or believe outside the box from a very early age in their early environment, especially spiritually. There can be an imposed version of religion forced upon the person with Saturn in Sagittarius or a colored belief of the good aspects of religion, so there's restriction surrounding that very spiritual and interconnected part of themselves. They can also come from a family that values higher education and can feel pressured or limited in some way by that. These people may have problems with their hips and thighs in accordance to medical astrology. After their first and second Saturn returns, they will be more open to fostering their own spiritual path that they dictate and will be more open to systems of education, traditional and nontraditional.

Capricorn: Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so Saturn in Capricorn people have a natural Saturnian advantage. They make awesome managers and leaders, but they like Saturn in Scorpio people have an obsession with power. It's a different kind of power though, the kind that makes them do whatever it takes to achieve status and money as though the end really justifies the means. These people can be far too serious and focused on their work and their money. Problems with the joints and the knees are a manifestation of this Saturn placement in medical astrology. After their first and second Saturn returns, they will be more open to sharing some of their power with others as life is not a dictatorship.

Aquarius: Saturn in Aquarius people have a hard time connecting to the group. They dodge bullets by not getting to involved in "groupthink," but they can really isolate themselves away from the group and can become loners. They can really become caught up with the concept of individuality and are always coming up with ways to be more eccentric, individualistic and shockingly unique which can really be a deflection to those who try to include them in a community, which can really be a great thing if they let it. There can be a disconnection from broad truths and objectivity with this placement as well. A problem with the circulatory system can show up with this Saturn placement in medical astrology. After their first and second Saturn returns, they will be more likely to invest in a group of good people who have their best interest.

Pisces: Saturn in Pisces people have a difficult time connecting to the eternal "I Am" presence. There is a great barrier to accepting that we are all a part of the same very sacred seed and that we are all a part of God with this placement. There can also be a love of art and creativity, but in some instanes there needs to be rules and structure for them to be able to create anything. They can be very emotional like all the Saturn in water signs and can have a hard time sharing it too because their restriction lies in the space between their more material bodies (physical, mental, emotional) and their outer energetic layers (ethereal, astral and soul). Their recognition of the connectedness of all people, things and animals is what will save them from the harsh realities of the third dimension. In medical astrology, Saturn in Pisces is reputed to have troubles with their lymphatic system and with their feet. After their first and second Saturn returns, they will be more likely to connect their feet to the ground and their crown to higher source. They will be more free in their expression of spirituality and creativity.

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