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Horoscope for the week of Dec. 12 - 18 + tarotscope for each sign! | letting go, forgiving and movin

We begin the week with Mercury continuing in its shadow phase before it goes retrograde on December 19th. When Mercury goes into retrograde, miscommunications and confusion become a part of daily life, which can be frustrating. This increases the need to have any conversations that you may need to have, to make any decisions you need to make and to make large purchases and last-minute fixes this week. Once next Monday comes, it's going to be a really good time to go back and review your communication style, how you relate to people and the way that you conduct yourself at your job and in your work. Are your dealings aboveboard or are they murky? Do you frequently experience confusion in your communications with folks?

On Monday, the Sun in Sagittarius is making a square aspect to Chiron in Pisces. This is a rather painful aspect that causes us to fix our gaze upon what hurts in regards to our ego. There may have been something weighing heavily on your heart, something that you had to let go of, something that doesn't quite feel right in your physical body. The recent Sun-Saturn conjunction this weekend had us make hard and fast concrete decisions about what we want and don't want in our lives, so this is the stinging, burning aftermath of that. We will all be okay, and no one is above asking the universe/God(dess) for help to deal with this.

Tuesday, a new chance to manifest is here with the full moon in Gemini. This is the time to look at what we're learning from our life experiences. How can we put what we are learning and assimilating from the things that have happened this year into practice to make your life even better? Are the things that you busy yourself with in every day life serving to make you better or are they keeping you in a holding pattern? Gemini is about fun, so don't be afraid to also ask yourself if your daily life is bringing you joy.

During this full moon, there's an aspect called a mystic square happening with the moon in Gemini, the Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius, the South Node of the Moon in Pisces with Chiron and Neptune and the North Node of the Moon in Virgo. This is a lot of mutable energy and one of the best things for mutable signs (the reason they exist as they are) is to find the meaning in the madness that is transpiring.

Also on Tuesday, there's a minor aspect called a "quincunx" between Venus in Aquarius and the North Node in Virgo. Whenever a quincunx appears as a green dotted line in an astrology chart, it basically means that the two planets/points/luminaries are not seeing each other and not understanding each other. Venus in Aquarius wants to go out and meet new people. It is connected to the universal love consciousness and because of that is usually okay with exploring openness in relationships. The North Node in Virgo is pushing us to be more discerning with whom we spend our time, as well as taking realism and a security orientation to relationships so we can focus on the details of every day life, which are boring, but they're what we are being called to focus on right now. When Venus and the North Node are not seeing eye-to-eye, it's important to examine the relationships in our lives. Which are giving you life and momentum to move forward with the life you want? Which relationships are leaving you drained? Is there anything we can let go of?

Enjoy your week <3

Tarotscopes for each sign:

I have used my favorite tarot deck, the Thoth Tarot Deck by Aleister Crowley. I have shuffled five times per sign unless I felt intuitively guided to shuffle more to clear the energy of the cards. Check your sun, moon and rising if possible and for a more detailed tarot reading, e-mail me at

** Again, for the second week in a row, we have seen the Tower and the Death card show up for over half of the signs. This is a time of serious transformation that comes with both gains and losses. Please take care of yourself right now and make sure that your soul is getting fed during all of this.

Aries: You begin the week thrust into a sea of change and you may be asking yourself how you got here. You may be wondering why your recent work efforts aren't picking up enough traction and why you feel so defeated. It's important to take that Aries quality of pure, unfiltered fire and plan things out a little bit in regards to your efforts at work. Add a dash of patience and stir until lukewarm.

Taurus: There may be more than one person in your energy this week trying to tell you how to live your life, giving you pointers without really being asked. Transformation is a slow burn for you right now and there may be more to the situation than these humans realize. Look inside yourself for what to do now - of course, take into consideration what it is that they say, then let your intuition do the rest.

Gemini: Something was recently suddenly agreed upon that has you a bit down in the dumps. It's almost as if you weren't really ready for this change or the impact it has had took you by surprise. There's a visible letting go of holding onto the way things appear right now and your shield is coming down. Just be conscientious and make sure that everyone in your life has your best interests at heart.

Cancer: Beware of manipulators this week Cancer, especially people who try to appeal to your emotional side to get what they want. Also, make sure you're dialing back any emotional manipulation yourself. Right now it is important that you're saving money, earning the trust of people you really care about by listening to them and showing up emotionally for them when times get hard. Make sure you're getting eight hours of sleep every night and eating right.

Leo: Showing love to my fellow Leo's this week as there is a general feeling of malaise across your reading. Know that you have not failed and that you will soon feel inspired again, as long as you believe you will. There may be a few people around you who are not serving your higher Self this week, so allow the pieces to fall where they may. Make this week about you-time.

Virgo: The week may start with some arguments, but you know you've been through the worst of what you're going through. It's changing you from the inside out and the feeling of giving up or the feeling of losing something big is behind you, so receive the benefits of the recent changes and go with them instead of only criticizing the negatives about recent changes.

Libra: You may have been isolating yourself for a while as though winter came early, Libra. Whether a period of forced isolation or a choosing to isolate for the past few months, you're starting to warm up to the idea of being around humans again. If you're single, there may be a water or air sign (sun, moon or rising) waiting for you when you are ready or if not, you could be looking forward to reuniting with people you haven't seen in a long time.

Scorpio: There's a focus on another person this week, be it a sibling or a romantic partner. There's a little bit of a manipulative energy surrounding this person. It seems as though things aren't going so well in your finances right now but towards the end of the week, you have a new beginning coming in the area of career so hopefully that is to change.

Sagittarius: Holy moly! You have just made a swift life change that has allow you to spring forward in a way you hadn't expected. There's an undercurrent of change in your life right now and you're not necessarily sure what to hold onto and what to let fall away. All you can tell is that things are happening very FAST, in pure Sagittarian style! Breathe and trust the process.

Capricorn: There is a part of you that has been through the ringer that is ready to die off, Capricorn. Feel no shame or worry about letting that part of you go and be sure to fill the space wight light and love. You may have been victimized or put through a heartache, maybe you were recently betrayed by a friend. It is because of this that your vision is a little cloudy. Once you let the part of you that went through that die for something else to form in its place, you will be able to see again.

Aquarius: A part of you wants to leap into the unknown, be it a new love or a new job. You want to move past circumstances that have kept you held back, but you feel like you've lost something. The sooner you get over the loss, the sooner you receive the gain. Keep focusing on steady gains where you are and begin to feel into things just a little, which will keep you on track.

Pisces: You may be feeling on top of the world in some areas of your life and the dredges of the worst in another. You feel like you're completely in your element one second and then not in your element at all in the next. You seem to be postponing making a big decision, which is what this weekend was calling for. Once you step into the unknown and make that choice, your in-your-element feels may extend to the other parts of your life, too.

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