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The twelve Jupiter signs at their worst -

Jupiter represents where we find our luck. When we lean in the direction of personality traits and the area of life that the Jupiter sign/house placement represents, we will find our teachers, windfalls and more from life that we want. Jupiter represents higher learning, spiritual teachers and gurus, philosophy, travel and in some respects, fun, indulgences and excesses. Jupiter transits each sign for about a year, so everyone that was born in the year that you were born in has your Jupiter sign, most likely, depending on when it changed signs. It is because of this that you really want to look at the house placement of Jupiter AND the sign to derive more information about how you can practically make the most of your life. It's also important to look at the aspects made between Jupiter and other planets.

*PSA: You are more than your Jupiter sign. For a more complete reading, you can e-mail me at, where you can learn about all of your signs as we are all just a collection of all the zodiacal archetypes.

The twelve Jupiter signs at their worst:

Aries: Jupiter in Aries can get kind of impatient if things aren't happening fast enough for them. There's a tendency for them to be rather hot-headed and to have trigger points. They have the tendency to talk over people at times.

Taurus: Jupiter in Taurus can be rather resistant to change and can really hold on to material items and money in a spirit of greed. They can indulge much to much in sensual pleasures, be it food, desserts, sex, alcohol or shopping.

Gemini: Jupiter in Gemini can feel very spiritually called to distribute its talents all over the place and is the first to burnout from too much going on.

Cancer: Jupiter in Cancer can be an emotional empath, especially for their friends and loved ones. They can actually feel the suffering of others in their body, and it may take up physical space in their body. The tendency to gain weight is prevalent with this position, so there's a need to continually move the body.

Leo: Jupiter in Leo can easily exaggerate, which doesn't come from a malicious place necessarily. Things deeply affect them and so their exaggerations and aggrandizements are merely a reflection of how they feel. They can also really easily trample over meeker humans just by taking up space and can easily be referred to as "too much."

Virgo: Jupiter in Virgo can sometimes get into a holding pattern with always wanting to take the servile role. They can be tricked into thinking that they only exist to serve those around them because it is a gift of theirs. They can really indulge in a desire to be helpful.

Libra: Jupiter in Libra is a relationship-oriented sign and can sometimes fall into the trap/pattern of believing that they need to be in a relationship that is loving and supportive to thrive as a human being. This is clearly defeatist and set up to fail.

Scorpio: Jupiter in Scorpio can often intuit others' darkness and can have a hard time knowing exactly where to put that slop at the end of the day. Jupiter expands the traits of skepticism and paranoia, which are the negative manifestations of the Scorpio archetype.

Sagittarius: Jupiter in Sagittarius can be really fanatical if they believe something strongly enough. As if they are right and you are wrong without any argument surrounding that. This placement can intensify their search for meaning in a spiritual context, and there's a lot of charlatans out there.

Capricorn: Jupiter in Capricorn is often dumped on with way more responsibility than they can handle. They effortlessly seem like they can handle all of it so the other signs take pleasure in dumping it on them. There can be an unlucky feeling that passes through the mind of Jupiter in Capricorn folks.

Aquarius: Jupiter in Aquarius knows too much. When you know too much, sometimes people resent you for it. The thing is, the Jupiter in Aquarius person knows it and they don't care and continues to know it all and tell it like it is.

Pisces: Jupiter in Pisces people can lend a listening ear and watch four hours go by as they slowly become the person's therapist. They can very easily get in touch with their empathic side and because of it they can really wind up in situations they don't really want to be a part of.

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