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Horoscope for the week of December 5th - 11th + tarotscopes for each sign! | looking at our year in

On Tuesday, Mars in Aquarius makes a very supportive aspect to Uranus in Aries. Aquarius and Aries are both incredibly innovative signs, so right now we need to dream big in terms of what our plans for the year ahead are. How can we build from what we have and manifest the best possible scenario? This calls our attention to where we spend our efforts and our energy because where attention flows, energy goes.

On Wednesday, the planet of love, relationships, receptivity, pleasure and creativity moves into the sign of Aquarius. This is where we allow ourselves to be idealistic and objective at the same time in regards to who we spend our times with and to have the discernment to know when to view the good in people or to see them as they really are. Venus in Aquarius is about personal freedom and whether or not we want to sacrifice it even a little bit for the greater good of a relationship.

On Thursday, the North Node of the Moon (a karma point that in an individual's natal chart determines what their soul needs to assimilate and when it is transiting or moving about the celestial bodies it determines what we as a collective need to assimilate) in Virgo is making a very positive aspect to Mercury in Capricorn. Mercury is the planet of logical thought and movement about our day-to-day life. Mercury carries with it a practical energy and Virgo and Capricorn are both very practical signs. This means that Wednesday would be a good day for sifting through the details. Mercury is in its shadow phase and so it would be a great idea to go back through old records and to review the work that you have done this year. Make a good sized to-do list that includes the menial oil changes and doctors appointments - those things also have a place in life. This week has a theme of "this year in review" and this is especially heightened on Wednesday.

On Friday, Jupiter in Libra is making a very positive aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius. This indicates that everything we have been learning, from our teachers, in school or just the school of life, only serves to benefit us on our way forward. Basically, we have learned some of the tougher lessons of Saturn's journey through Sagittarius and we have been encouraged to make the connections that we have needed to make, and on this day we are encouraged to reach out to our professional contacts or teachers to see what guidance or next steps lie ahead. Since Saturn and the Sun are very close to each other, the Sun is making this same very positive aspect to Jupiter as well. Friday is a great day to look at our belief systems and evaluate whether or not they are set up to serve us on an ego level. Are we being fed? Are we happy?

On Saturday, Mercury in Capricorn is making a positive aspect to Neptune in Pisces. This gives way for serious healing breakthroughs in communications. Neptune rules over the Christ-consciousness, so with this aspect there is a clear dissolution of boundaries. It's a great day to seek forgiveness and to forgive.

Also on Saturday, the Sun is going to touch Saturn in Sagittarius. This gives us a very clear picture of what our limits are and instead of being super hard on ourselves about it we all need to acknowledge that we're only human and to extend the compassion and love we give others to ourselves. This is a great day for realistically looking at things as they are, but please don't get down on yourself about it if the picture of what your life looks like doesn't match up with what you want your life to look like.

Tarotscopes for each sign:

I'm using my favorite tarot deck (Thoth tarot by Aleister Crowley) and pulling three cards. I'm shuffling three times in between each sign or more if I feel that I need to do so. If you'd like a tarot reading or an astrology reading, please e-mail me at

** The tower card and the death card, two cards representing serious upheaval and transformation that are divinely guided, came up for most signs. Know that whatever happens, your feet are on the ground and that everything is okay, truly. *Check the sun, moon and the rising sign if possible:

Aries: A decision you have to make is being delayed even though you really want to make it in a swift and easy manner. You may feel as though you're working, working, working and aren't really receiving the full compensation you deserve to for your time and efforts. It could be a time where you could extend a kindness or forgiveness to someone and you are choosing instead to have some space for yourself. Take the space that you need but know that forgiveness is very redeeming and immediately raises your vibration.

Taurus: This is a big week for you, Taurus. You may feel like you've missed out on something awesome or like you've lost something that you really wanted. What this brings for you is total transformation - like the universe is literally allowing all the things that don't serve to drop like flies. Just allow for the cuts to be made and try not to latch on to any one thing that you may not feel able or ready to let go of.

Gemini: This is a week of conserving your precious efforts, Gemini. This is a week where you're refining and re-refining your priorities as we reach the end of 2016. This may be a time where you feel like you're uninspired creatively, sexually or even mentally. After you go through a little priority pruning, your inspiration will come back. This week is just calling for you to look at what needs to stay and what needs to go. Do some crunches if you ever feel like you are having a hard time tapping into your personal power source, or look into meditations with binaural beats for your solar plexus chakra.

Cancer: This is a week where you may feel like all of your efforts so far this year have not been futile and you want to celebrate. Be careful so as to not overindulge in alcohol or your escape route of choice this week. You are harnessing your power right now and you really don't want to be affected negatively by a hangover when you're supposed to show up and be present for something. Also, this is a blessed time to meet new partners for love, just use your Cancerian discernment to weed out people who aren't really here for you.

Leo: You may feel like you're cutting off your emotional side and creativity in favor of getting shit done this week, Leo. There's a lot to do and a lot to manage right now and so this may be causing blockages in those areas of life that require feeling and subjectivity. Know that when your to-do list is complete it's perfectly okay to feel your feelings and to allow that to turn into a beautiful painting, a song or some new work endeavor that you have created. It's important to use those emotions and intuitions towards whatever you're doing, but if you feel cut off from them try a visualization meditation and hit me up for links to them.

Virgo: You may have two or more situations going on right now where on one side of things you feel ruined or really torn up about something, and another where you feel really happy and hopeful. There's a big dichotomy between those two or more situations. Know that drinking or escaping into the substance or outlet of your choice is only going to work for the short-term and that there is work to do to heal yourself fully from whatever it is that has caused you so much pain. Meditation is a really good way to zoom in to the goodness that you have at your center, regardless of all the interference going on in your life right now.

Libra: I have to say that when I was shuffling your cards they landed all over my living room floor. What is going on Libra? Your cards tell me that you have been going through a really long-drawn-out transformation process over the past year. There may have been things that were unfair to you that have propelled you into the situation your in now, which seems kind of bleak. Accessing your creativity and doing some physical exercise could help you to transmute that negative energy, or helping out a cause could help you to find meaning in the death and darkness. The universe is working hard to bring you the clarity and the strength that you need.

Scorpio: Patience is a virtue, Scorpio. There could be a few things happening for you right now. You could be dealing with psychic information that is coming in by way of dreams, knowings or seeings. Always ask if what is coming in comes from light and love, because there's a chance that your intuitions could be slightly misguided this week. I also see a practical new beginning that is being delayed right now, maybe a new or better job. Some of you may be considering giving up old habits and patterns of behavior that no longer serve you like addictions to drugs or alcohol or casual sex and that decision may come from a very deep, dark and intuitive place.

Sagittarius: This week is full of transformative energy for most signs, I'm gathering, but your week is no exception. The universe is working behind the scenes to make sure that every last drop of bullshit that doesn't serve you is swiftly eliminated from your life. You may be making amends to certain people, even if it's just within you, that have hurt you and are extending your forgiveness to them. Also, there's a feeling of shrugging off all of the worry and doubt that you've had about moving forward and letting it all go. Congratulations!

Capricorn: There may be multiple people trying to assert their influence over your life right now, Capricorn. There may be two overly emotional energies- one is angry and one is sad. This could be anyone - family, friends, lovers, people who are trying to pull you in and court you. Know that if it doesn't feel good most of the time and if there are influences impinging on you speaking your truth and living your best life, they should be cut off. If they are your family, space doesn't hurt anything and only assists you in letting go of negative feelings they may bring. There is a positive influence here for you Capricorn, and it's a very practical energy. It may even be you or someone who shares your outlook on life. They are really here to help you and you can actually count on them.

Aquarius: Some of you may have been retreating for a long time, Aquarius. There's some healing that you've had to do this year and you can actually see it manifesting very clearly now. You may feel that even though you've done all of this internal work and you have been healing from something, you still aren't feeling like materially you are where you want to be. This could be in terms of career, how much money you're bringing in or how much you want people to respect your efforts. Know that power comes from inside and that it's only a matter of time now that you'll be rewarded in a real and material way for doing the work.

Pisces: Even more transformative energy!! You may feel like your efforts have been going unnoticed or aren't appreciated or compensated the way you feel that they should be. Or you could feel as though you keep doing a whole bunch of work and are still ending up in the same place. This is because you have to stay put for the internal transformation, growth and healing that is actively coming at you. When you have really processed everything that you need to process, you can see this creating external change. Patience is key.

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