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Weekly horoscopes + tarotscope for each sign! November 28 - December 4 | Do our beliefs line up with

This week, it's all about directions we want our life to go and the belief systems and thought processes that carry us there. After Neptune went direct last week as well as the multitude of crazy transits (Venus-Pluto/Mercury-Saturn) that occurred over the course of the Thanksgiving "holiday," there's some questions that are currently being posed. What do I really value? What do I really want out of life? How can I realistically and practically cause for that to happen?

On Tuesday, there's a new moon in Sagittarius. This means that the Sun and the Moon are both in Sagittarius at the very same degree. Ellias Lonsdale describes the 7th degree of Sagittarius as: "Rats with ruby eyes:

Uncanny mentality. Knows what's going on. Virtually psychic ability to follow inner subtle tracks. You are accustomed to the dark. At home in the margins, living upon scraps and notions, following a hunch--you are full of superstitions, idiosyncratic and cranky. Given over to an on-the-edge world that hugs twilight. Essentially neither this nor that. Independent, anarchic, and full of surprises. Resilient, tough, strong, and enduring, but self-obstructive, and prone to a form of trance which attracts astral entities and may lose the path in the mists."

What this tells us is that on this new moon, we can definitely follow our intuitions and hunches because that is what this degree is calling for. Maybe, while you are at it, you can examine the belief systems or inner ideologies you have that would allow you to engage or not engage with these inner knowings. A good practice for any new moon is to do some writing about your life and your circumstances. Don't censor yourself, just allow words to flow from your brain to your hand and onto the page. This is a good way to understand what faulty beliefs and thought patterns you do not need to move forward with.

Also on Tuesday, Venus in Capricorn is making a positive aspect to Chiron, the wounded healer asteroid, in Pisces. Venus governs over relationships and what we value, while Chiron is our past wounds that we can use to improve ourselves and help others. Something has happened in the scope of relationships to show us what kind of treatment we will and will not stand for as well as things that are dealbreakers for us. If someone has hurt you in the past, there is nothing wrong with you and you are still quite worthy of love. Love cannot always come from outer sources and has to be felt from the inside.

Also on Tuesday, The Sun in Sagittarius is making an aspect of tension to the North Node in Virgo. The Sun in Sagittarius is all about having fun and following your adventurous heart down to the very bottom of whatever rabbit hole you decide to follow. It is also following and understanding source wisdom from higher places, even if others think you are crazy. The North Node of the moon is an asteroid that shows what we as a collective need to learn but are having a difficult time learning. Virgo wants everything to be practical, methodical and organized. Virgo wants to stay sober and pure for the most part, with a serious focus on health patterns and behaviors that contribute to a better lifestyle. The lesson here is to not let your wanderlust and idealized version of what is going on interfere with reality and what you have to get done to make your bill payments and to have a healthy body-mind.

On Wednesday, the Sun in Sagittarius is making an aspect of tension to Neptune in Pisces. This is where we may have to be careful. Is the way we're living adding in any way to our higher Self? Do your ego and your higher Self want the same things? Be careful not to pull the wool over your own eyes in regards to a project or relationship that seems to not be a good idea as we will be swimming in idealistic waters.

On Thursday, Chiron, the wounded healer asteroid, is stationing direct. It has been in a retrograde (or stationary) motion since June 27th, 2016. In the past six months or so, there has been some type of deeply wounding experience externally that has called for us to go inside ourselves and restore our wholeness (which is Chiron's objective). There surely has been for me and most of the people in my life. With Chiron stationing direct, we can finally see that everything happens for a reason and that whatever happens, your feet are on the ground and you are okay and loved.

Also on Thursday, Mars in Aquarius is making a very positive aspect to Jupiter in Libra. This is demonstrating that either we have made or will make the connections we need to make to manifest where we want to be in the world. We'll be led to the right people whose beliefs and goals are lined up with ours and we'll experience synergy in group settings. Collaboration is extremely blessed by this aspect in all areas of life - love, work, play and lifestyle.

On Friday, Mercury moves into the sign of Capricorn. When Mercury is in Sagittarius, we are either indirectly or directly provoked to speak and think joyfully because the way we speak and the way we think is where we are putting our energy and attention, and that's what we're attracting into our lives. Now, with Mercury moving into Capricorn, we can take this ancient knowledge of the law of attraction and we can make moves to understand how these new patterns of thought have a way of affecting change, growth and achievement in our material world. Mercury and our minds will be focused on goal setting and the future here.

On Saturday, Mars in Aquarius is making a positive aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius. This is going to really help us to realize that before we manifest what we have been wanting for the past several months, we have to do some practical stuff first. Have we really sorted through our belief system to make sure that everything is in line with what we want to create? Have we ironed out all of the practical details? Have we been walking so we can begin to run? This is a supportive aspect but it still indicates a need to make a list and go over it because soon what you think, feel and wish for will be in front of you.

Here's my weekly tarotscope for each sign: {I shuffle five times (or more depending on what feels appropriate) for each sign to clear the energy from the previous sign and am doing a three-card spread using my favorite tarot deck, Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck. Please check your sun, moon and rising and if you know other placements in your chart you can also check those}

Aries: This week your mind could be brimming at the ideas and the possibilities you may have in front of you. You're going through a serious life change right now (all the signs are honestly) and it feels like it's literally taking forever to get through whatever it is. You have a new beginning in spirituality or in love that could be showing itself to you, but it is being delayed due to your focus on mental ideas, concepts and getting stuff done quickly and efficiently as well as letting the pieces fall where they may from a life change.

Taurus: You have a delay appearing in a new sexual or physical beginning or you may feel incompatible with someone you have recently become intimate with. Moving into the past, there's a circumstance that has caused you a great deal of heartbreak and sadness, but we're letting go of that now. This could be the reason why you're unable to start a new sexual or physical relationship with someone or why you're unable to fully release and let go in a sensual way. There's this feeling of being very stuck, which extends beyond the physical into the mental for you this week. Just keep going about what you need to do and you will figure everything out.

Gemini: You are coming out of the influence of someone who is manipulative or you yourself aren't moving forward with manipulative behaviors any longer. There's this feeling of moving from a space where things may have not always been aboveboard for you or those you're closely involved with, to wanting to do the right and honorable thing by everyone including and especially yourself. There's some special clarity coming for you this week surrounding something that has been very confusing for you in the past, so listen to your inner guidance.

Cancer: Your spread tells me you're making something right with someone this week. Attempting to settle on a truce after an argument is something that can be challenging to do for all signs, but you feel like it's what you need to do right now. Please be aboveboard in all of your actions because the option is there for you right now to take the less honorable route in your actions. Make sure your words reflect what you're doing. This is a time where you're healing yourself and you're letting go of a few recent setbacks and heartbreaks, so if that is where you need to put your energy, make sure you're setting time to feel your feelings before they bubble up.

Leo: This week is highly emotional for you. You are releasing the relationships that don't give you life and support your highest good in favor of a little more alone time. There is a feeling of lack here, like you don't want to share what you are going through with others because you fear they will not understand. There may be a rejection in your midst, but as long as you love yourself first, it will not sting as much. There may be someone who is a drain on your energy, so knowing when to install boundaries can be a helpful tool so that you can properly do your inner work.

Virgo: You have two very different energies appearing in your spread this week. There's one story where you have been working really hard in your career or any practical efforts, and you are finally being rewarded. The other story shows that someone has recently showed their true colors that you are romantic with, or that someone maybe disappointed you and the result is that your cup is empty and you feel quite emotionally drained and depleted by this situation. You have to evaluate if this is how you want to feel, or if you want to keep plugging your attention into your practical efforts (which seem to be way more lucrative).

Libra: You are coming out of a heartbreaking situation. You have been put through the emotional ringer, Libra, and now it seems as though you're on the cusp of something great, a new beginning, but it is delayed for the week. It will come, but only if you make sure to do the right thing and be virtuous. Be patient, which is a strong suit for Librans, and trust the process. Feel your feelings and don't be afraid of the inquiry that appears when you are made to wait.

Scorpio: As usual, Scorpio's have sexy power! That is intensified this week. You may feel as though lots of different people are drawn into your energy right now and it may be confusing to you. There is a choice to be made with regard to relationships or career, but it seems like you may not make it this week but that it will be put off into the future. One thing to note about your spread this week is that you are really attacking everything you do with courage, conviction and really giving 110% of your energy to whatever you are doing. Just make sure you get enough sleep and eat the foods that you need to keep going like this.

Sagittarius: On the career front, you may feel like you are not sure what exactly is going on. You are always striving for more and better, but there is a potential for a new job or a new career path that is delayed this week. You may have to really work to not be lazy and to stay on top of the things that you have to do to keep money coming in and food on the table. On the other side of the coin, you may have very powerful intuitions coming to you that you simply can't ignore. Seems like your primary focus is spiritual this week, but do remember to pay your bills and get your oil changed and to eat food (to be a functioning human and not just a floating head).

Capricorn: This is your week, Capricorn! You may feel like you've been having a hard time mastering a particular skill or craft in the past few weeks or that something just isn't coming together for you like it usually does (because Capricorn is such a focused and deliberate sign). However, I am pleased to report that you have the Wheel of Fortune popping up in your spread this week. This means that soon you will experience a windfall of luck and love that will make you feel as though you are being blessed by the universe. There may be some very psychic experiences you have that can guide you through your efforts this week.

Aquarius: You are literally letting go of every single piece of bullshit you've ever been fed this week, Aquarius. You are letting go of faulty belief systems that have allowed you to be involved in circumstances that weren't in your highest good, you are letting go of burdens that you no longer have to carry and you are letting go of pain and suffering someone or something has caused you in the past. Good riddance to bad rubbish!!

Pisces: If you do things in a moral and honorable way, there is less to worry about. Your mind is racing this week about stuff that you may need to get done, how money is tight, and about relationship stuff. I would say worry is the theme of your reading. It is important for me to share with you that worrying about your circumstances deprives yourself of the idea that things are being taken care of in a divine manner and that everything happens for a reason. Worrying about other people deprives them of the opportunity to take care of things themselves and intervenes in their divine plan. So take a deep breath this week Pisces and stop worrying.

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