The twelve Jupiter signs at their best -

Jupiter represents where we find our luck. When we lean in the direction of personality traits and the area of life that the Jupiter sign/house placement represents, we will find our teachers, windfalls and more from life that we want. Jupiter represents higher learning, spiritual teachers and gurus, philosophy, travel and in some respects, fun, indulgences and excesses. Jupiter transits each sign for about a year, so everyone that was born in the year that you were born in has your Jupiter sign, most likely, depending on when it changed signs. It is because of this that you really want to look at the house placement of Jupiter AND the sign to derive more information about how you can practically make the most of your life. It's also important to look at the aspects made between Jupiter and other planets.

*PSA: You are more than your Jupiter sign. For a more complete reading, you can e-mail me at, where you can learn about all of your signs as we are all just a collection of all the zodiacal archetypes.

The twelve Jupiter signs at their best: