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The twelve Jupiter signs at their best -

Jupiter represents where we find our luck. When we lean in the direction of personality traits and the area of life that the Jupiter sign/house placement represents, we will find our teachers, windfalls and more from life that we want. Jupiter represents higher learning, spiritual teachers and gurus, philosophy, travel and in some respects, fun, indulgences and excesses. Jupiter transits each sign for about a year, so everyone that was born in the year that you were born in has your Jupiter sign, most likely, depending on when it changed signs. It is because of this that you really want to look at the house placement of Jupiter AND the sign to derive more information about how you can practically make the most of your life. It's also important to look at the aspects made between Jupiter and other planets.

*PSA: You are more than your Jupiter sign. For a more complete reading, you can e-mail me at, where you can learn about all of your signs as we are all just a collection of all the zodiacal archetypes.

The twelve Jupiter signs at their best:

Aries: When Jupiter in Aries is at their best, they have prioritized themselves first. It takes a lot for a person to get through their life usually as far as food, sleep, medication and whatever other kind of self-care is present. Jupiter in Aries knows exactly what it needs and will put it first because they know that they have to fuel themselves to be able to get through their lives. This placement can be really attracted to leadership and making moves in the workplace.

Taurus: When Jupiter in Taurus is at their best, they can look like the voice of reason. They can be very patient, soft and kind, lending a listening ear to folks around them and providing a realistic point of view to them. They can be amazing at fixing things and creating art. Their speaking or singing voice can be very soothing, with melodic speech that sounds like prose even when they're just talking on the phone to their mother.

Gemini: When Jupiter in Gemini is at their best, they can be the busiest bees in the hive. Always headed here and there, constantly learning. A hallmark of this placement is constantly having to busy their hands. Jupiter is usually very optimistic and doesn't worry about taking risks, but in Gemini it can easily get caught up in the objective perspective. So a Jupiter in Gemini at their best is okay to take a few small risks.

Cancer: When Jupiter in Cancer is at their best, they can be so incredibly loving and emotionally understanding. Cancer is the moon mother archetype and Jupiter expands the traits of whatever sign it is in, so the nurturing capacity it is in high gear with this placement. They can really relate to their loved ones when they are facing challenges and will be incredibly generous whenever they need something.

Leo: When Jupiter in Leo is at their best, they can have a very heightened sense of humor and sense of drama. They can be very theatrical and animated naturally when speaking and may be frequently told they have charisma. They may love to spend time around children because in a way they are like the eternal divine child. The hallmark of this placement is a very loud and boisterous laugh and a hard time lowering their speaking voice if they're supposed to be whispering.

Virgo: When Jupiter in Virgo is at their best, they can be very realistic and even skeptical of their environment. They are the least gullible and can really put a lot of thought into something before "jumping" or taking a risk. Their administrative abilities really lend well to service and health professions because these people are experts at seeing a need and filling it. This placement can carry a good amount of doubt with it, so just like with Jupiter in Gemini, if they can take risks at all, they are living the higher manifestation of this sign.

Libra: When Jupiter in Libra is at their best, they can be almost too good at seeing everything from all sides. It is really hard for them to be personally hurt or offended (depending on the rest of the chart) because they can so easily see where the offender is coming from. They can be very open-minded and love to spend time listening and chatting about their ideas and the ideas of other people.

Scorpio: When Jupiter in Scorpio is at their best, they can really have the appearance of a wise sage. Their depth of emotional intelligence and understanding means that they can easily sit with anyone at their darkest hour and have a special distaste for small talk. They are the best in a crisis - if you anticipate going through a crisis it's good to have someone with this placement around. However, the highly functioning Jupiter in Scorpio can choose whose crisis to become involved in and can be discerning about what they are worth based on that.

Sagittarius: When Jupiter in Sagittarius is at their best, their sense of idealistic optimism and vision is really on point. This is the risk-taker of all the Jupiter signs, so sometimes they can cast themselves into things that they shouldn't and then have to deal with the repercussions. A Jupiter in Sagittarius person with a more keenly developed intuition can avoid this, which would be the most highly functioning manifestation of this placement.

Capricorn: When Jupiter in Capricorn is at their best, they can be the best managers around. These people have a tough time with feeling unlucky in life and as a result can find it challenging to stay positive, so a Jupiter in Capricorn that is not a pessimist and knows how to handle people with care and concern is doing pretty well for themselves.

Aquarius: When Jupiter in Aquarius is at their best, they can have very prophetic visions of the future and amazing scientific ideas come to them in their dream state or their waking state. Aquarius placements always come with a dash of genius, so Jupiter really expands that genius and makes it useful in every day life and recognizable to others, which affords them opportunity. This can happen especially if they slightly tame the unpredictable and restless parts of Aquarius, or find work in a field that understands and promotes those traits.

Pisces: When Jupiter in Pisces is at their best, they can really empathize with anyone. They can be very attracted to spirituality and the ethereal, astral realm. Animals and small children will gravitate towards these people even if they are shy around other adults. The hallmark of this placement is the ability to be a chameleon, able to relate to all others.

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