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Weekly horoscope + tarotscope for each sign! November 21st - 27th: wake-up call!!!

Last night, Neptune stationed direct in Pisces. Neptune represents several different things: higher-octave intuition, transcendence, dreams, elimination of boundaries and Christ-consciousness on the high side. On the low side, Neptune represents drugs, escapism and isolation (for better or worse). Neptune stationed retrograde on June 13th, which is when we were and had been shown important parts of our soul and what our higher self is trying to get us to pay attention to. The past five or so months that Neptune is in retrograde, some of us had to go backwards to go forwards. Some of us took a plunge into our unconscious mind or saw things in the world that were in need of a higher frequency. Neptune stationing direct is going to allow us to move forward with the new intuitions we've received on a collective and personal scale. The folks that are on a higher spiritual path will be led to a portal of new possibilities and ideas.

On Monday, the Sun goes into Sagittarius. For all of us, in different ways, our beliefs will be called to the forefront of thought as well as our faith. Where in our life can we create joy? Where can we be less cynical and more idealistic? What is our spiritual truth? The ability to answer these questions over the next month will bring a lot of empowerment for all the stuff that came up for all of us during Scorpio season.

On Tuesday, Mercury in Sagittarius is making a complimentary aspect to Jupiter in Libra. These are very light and happy social planets, so maybe to answer some of those deep questions mentioned above, you can go out and communicate with your friends and loved ones, or in true Sagittarian tradition, go off on your own and vibe with the world. In these lighthearted moments we experience with community and the collective, we can bring ourselves closer and closer to healing some of the scabs picked off by the recent Scorpio transits.

On Wednesday, Mercury and Saturn are making a tight conjunction (which means in the same sign and the same degree). This may inhibit communication quite a bit and make it self-conscious. With Neptune direct in Pisces (with Chiron, the wounded healer asteroid, and the South Node, an important asteroid in reference to karma) and all of the Sagittarius placements, this may serve as an anchor so we can be discerning with our communication instead of all of the boundaries falling all around us.

On Thursday, Jupiter in Libra is making a harsh aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Another reason why I said our beliefs are on trial this week - Jupiter in Libra wants to honor the perspective of the other person or party wholly, while Pluto in Capricorn reminds us that there are flaws in the system and that there is still much more work to be done. Capricorn wants to get stuff done and achieve whereas Libra feels much better socializing and enjoying life. This calls the balance of life into mind. We have to manage what people expect of us and give time and energy to what we are doing at work. For those protesting this week, Jupiter rules excesses and Pluto reveals force, so be sure to have what you need to protect yourself against excessive force.

On Friday, Venus is making a tight conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. This just means that the materialism of Black Friday is real and that it's best to avoid it entirely if you have a disposition towards greed or spending too much on stuff that you don't really need. This could also bring up buried emotions connected to past loved wounds, so be sure to take care of yourself. Also on Friday, Venus in Capricorn is making a square aspect to Jupiter in Libra. This aspect has its roots in gluttony and excesses, so be careful not to do whatever your vice is too hard over the holidays because our actions always have consequences.

On Saturday, Mercury in Sagittarius is making a harsh aspect to Chiron in Pisces. During this time, it is imperative to be aboveboard with all communication efforts. A lot of things are coming up right now with Venus-Pluto conjunct and those two planets both squaring Jupiter, but the Mercury square Chiron transit can indicate a wound in communication. Just be careful that you don't say something that really hits someone close to home and be sure to argue with sensitivity and compassion for another. Also on Saturday, Mercury in Sagittarius is making a complementary aspect to Uranus in fellow fire sign Aries. This transit will open us up to a lot of new knowledge in different parts of our life. This will be connected to us and our personal lives and also will be tied into the collective consciousness.

Your weekly tarotscope: (Good to look at the sun sign, the moon sign and the rising sign).

Aries: This week, as usual, you are the head of the pack in getting rid of negative patterns and shrugging off the things that don't serve. One really great way to do this is to plug into your creativity and bring that into whatever you do. It's a big week of personal uncovering for you specifically, so lean into it.

Taurus: There is a bit of financial and emotional instability in your midst right now. There may be a fire sign male who is acting in a way that is causing you to jeopardize more than you bargain for, or you could be going into self-fuck mode on all fronts. The best way for you to get past this, as an earth sign, is to plan the way forward and try to create situations where you are earning what you are worth.

Gemini: The way something has gone in the past few months has really led you to feeling like a failure- potentially regarding relationships. In your tarot spread I see a feeling of lack regarding love. Sometimes, these things happen and fall apart so that we can see these relationships for what they are and notice that they are keeping us in a holding pattern.

Cancer: There is a feeling like your practical efforts are either going unnoticed by management or your entrepreneurial efforts are leading you around in circles without a whole lot of gain, which is leaving you feeling without. Cancer is a very security-oriented sign, but astrology was made to transcend so the universe throws us lots of experiences and challenges we may feel we cannot handle. You are a pillar of emotional strength for those around you, so turn that around to yourself.

Leo: Fire signs aren't always known for their amazing and endless source of patience, but you may have to call upon that this week. Change is happening beneath your feet and things may not work out as planned in the practical sense, but please try to remember to do the right thing because as a Leo you are inherently more visible and our actions send messages.

Virgo: You are letting go of control of circumstances that may have been unfair to you and out of control. The best way a Virgo knows how to heal is by cleaning your house, do things that promote body awareness and bring in health. Also, use your mind. Release the bullshit and then getting lost in a book or in learning a new skill to replace the bullshit.

Libra: You may feel completely stuck right now: in a particular pattern or way of being that is just not doing you any favors. You have to make moves to get past some of that stuff this week by consulting with your higher Self and your heart to make some of the tough decisions you have been needing to make for a long time. Don't rely on external validation, look inward for this.

Scorpio: Resist the urge to be manipulative or to involve yourself with intuitive people this week. Use your intuitive genius for good and to guide you into different situations and directions, not to bend the rules. This week, focus on making the most of what you already have in all areas of life and spend time planning for the future and manifesting change if you seek change.

Sagittarius: Priorities, priorities, priorities. Right now, you may feel awake to the fact that your priorities may not lie where they should. There may even be a block in understanding what your boundaries are. Right now, think about how much money comes in for you each month and how you can add to it in the coming year. Try to stay above any manipulative vibes that come your way and just ignore it and transmute that negative energy.

Capricorn: You guys are being naughty. There could be either a blessed intimate relationship you've ventured into, or you're doing something that you know you shouldn't be doing because there have been illusions surrounding that thing. All of those illusory walls are coming down and you're allowed to see your situation for what it is this week. I hope it is really great and not really terrible - this spread gives way to either (because most big things in life are both).

Aquarius: Right now, you are having a hard time adjusting to your current circumstances. There's an element of having to keep certain ideas or things to yourself and not being able to talk about everything or a feeling of not wanting to share some of these newer developments in your life with those around you. Another thing that is calling you away from adjusting is too much emphasis on the objective, which as an Aquarius, can get away from you. Bring some awareness into your physical and emotional body this week.

Pisces: You are the eternal wanderer, but right now you're being forced to stay put and look at your stuff. There have been a few options for a few different endeavors and pending a new start, you really have to stay put and investigate a little further to know what is real and what won't end up being a good choice. Use your gifted intuition.

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