Weekly horoscope + tarotscope for each sign! November 21st - 27th: wake-up call!!!

Last night, Neptune stationed direct in Pisces. Neptune represents several different things: higher-octave intuition, transcendence, dreams, elimination of boundaries and Christ-consciousness on the high side. On the low side, Neptune represents drugs, escapism and isolation (for better or worse). Neptune stationed retrograde on June 13th, which is when we were and had been shown important parts of our soul and what our higher self is trying to get us to pay attention to. The past five or so months that Neptune is in retrograde, some of us had to go backwards to go forwards. Some of us took a plunge into our unconscious mind or saw things in the world that were in need of a higher frequency. Neptune stationing direct is going to allow us to move forward with the new intuitions we've received on a collective and personal scale. The folks that are on a higher spiritual path will be led to a portal of new possibilities and ideas.

On Monday, the Sun goes into Sagittarius. For all of us, in different ways, our beliefs will be called to the forefront of thought as well as our faith. Where in our life can we create joy? Where can we be less cynical and more idealistic? What is our spiritual truth? The ability to answer these questions over the next month will bring a lot of empowerment for all the stuff that came up for all of us during Scorpio season.