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Astrospiritual reasoning behind the election and everything preceding/succeeding it- Pluto in Capric

As a human, I detest what Donald Trump stands for. I generally don't believe in the process or the system and believe that the election/shit-show-puppet-show we just witnessed is a divergence tactic to distract the public from the sociopathic, dark-triad shit going on in the country. White supremacy, police brutality, the prison-industrial complex, the military-industrial complex, the flawed judicial system, oil interests, pharmaceutical interests, animal farming and processed food interests are behind the veil of the *show* that was the election. Energetically, we are facing a time where we have to see what is really wrong to be propelled into a place of healing and change, which is Donald Trump in the white house. His platform has perpetuated racist, sexist, ableist, mysogynistic notions that we need to move away from.

The United States has a birth chart and its' Pluto sign is Capricorn. Pluto represents destruction, transformation, regeneration and healing. Capricorn is the sign that can represent systems, structures, businesses and government. Currently, Pluto is in Capricorn. In astrology, when the moving planet or asteroid comes around the wheel or the celestial bodies to join or "conjunct" the same planet or asteroid in that of a chart, it is called that planet's "return." So the United States is about to go through its' Pluto return in Capricorn. This means that in our lifetime, we will watch the whole system as we know it burn to the ground only to be built stronger and better and I am blessed to know a few Charlotte organizers (angels for change) that are going to be at the center of this change. Donald Trump being elected into presidency is one of the key events in my opinion that will cause this, as well as the evolution of the internet and social media (when it's not being controlled).

Hope you enjoyed my analysis. For a more detailed explanation or to book a private reading with me, feel free to e-mail me at

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