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The twelve mars signs at their worst -

Mars in astrology represents our will to act. It shows what are needs our and how we go about getting them met. Mars is the soldier or warrior archetype and can indicate how we deal with conflict and aggression. Sexual preferences can be shown with Mars as well. Mars is our energy source. The Sun and Mars are both masculine planets in the sense that they are outward and movement-oriented, but the Sun is more what we want to get noticed for and receive recognition for. Mars is more about how we go about getting our bills paid and getting our needs met.

*PSA: You are not just one sign. You are a complete whole picture made up of all the zodiacal archetypes. If you would like to book a reading with me, e-mail me at and I will help you to understand your multitude of signs, your habits and patterns that you were meant to transcend anyway.

The twelve mars signs in the sign at their worst -

Aries: When the Mars in Aries is not functioning well, they can have a consistent disposition of anger. Although these people will always get their needs met, they could be a tyrant while they do it. They can burn through friendships, relationships and careers so fast and not really ever look back when Mars in Aries is not focused on personal growth. Sexually, these humans can avoid making love in favor of something more animalistic.

Taurus: When the Mars in Taurus is not at its best, they can have a hard time motivating themselves to get off of the couch. Physical depression is highly seen with this placement so the door to lethargy is there. One thing that helps to combat this is exercise and moving the body to prevent stuckedness. With depression comes lack of sexual motivation as well, so movement will only propel you forward in all of the positive directions.

Gemini: When the Mars in Gemini is not at its best, they can be seriously accident prone because they are doing so much at any given time. Running on empty is really dangerous when you're operating vehicles and moving about the material plane. This Mars placement can really cut you with your words and resort to low blows and then completely not realize how much it hurts you until much later. There can be a duplicitous nature in the bedroom.

Cancer: When the Mars in Cancer is at its worst, they can be extremely passive aggressive, holding onto each and every little thing their partner says so they can later use it against her. Inaction is the hallmark of this Mars placement when it's at its' worst, frozen in a state of emotion and paralyzed by fear. When they feel bad, their libido can be damaged.

Leo: When the Mars in Leo is at its worst, they can be totally dogmatic with their opinions as if they were fact and refuse to see another's side. They can be preachy and overbearing. This is a very sexual placement for Mars and so the negative manifestation of this is promiscuity without considering how it affects the people you're sleeping with. They can be very dramatic, but learning to take off the mask and be genuine with another human is different.

Virgo: When the Mars in Virgo is at its worst, they can be quite anxious because of how much stuff there is to do. This is the masterful organizer and a placement that needs to be productive. A Mars in Virgo who is not functioning well cannot slow down, even to sleep or eat, because they feel such a need to be useful. A common unhealthy manifestation of this placement is needing to have extremely kinky sex to be able to enjoy it. They may have an oversupply of body awareness and not have the self-esteem to deal with it, so some body dysmorphia comes through.

Libra: When the Mars in Libra is not highly functioning, they can be really afraid to fight and completely not know what to do when there is a conflict. They can be wayyyy too charming generally, using their gifts of diplomacy, beauty and popularity for evil, allowing them to get anything they want. A Mars in Libra at its' worst can actually have a low libido. They may be too overzealous about certain causes.

Scorpio: When the Mars in Scorpio is low-functioning, they can really internalize all of their anger. Mars is at home here, so they can have an extra layer of energy for doing everything they need to do. The problem is when they don't have an expressive outlet. They can be prone to letting their anger fester and that can lead to stomach ulcers and digestive problems, making it more beneficial to try to find a way to let go, forgive others and themselves.

Sagittarius: When Mars in Sagittarius is not functioning well, they can offer their opinions too readily without anyone asking them for it. They can be fanatical about their belief systems and actually think that what they believe is right and what you believe is wrong. Mars in Sagittarius can be unfaithful or looking for what is bigger and better, generally, if it is not doing well. The tendency to be preachy and dogmatic is there.

Capricorn: When Mars in Capricorn is not doing well, they can be obsessed with work. Not only that, but insisting that growth needs to occur in a set series of steps and not wanting to take major risks due to being able to see their negative outcomes. Mars in Capricorn can be very inhibited socially and can be impatient with those who are more free-spirited and less algorithmic in their thought process. Mars in Capricorn is supposedly a great lover, but it's hard to be in the moment with work on the brain.

Aquarius: When Mars in Aquarius is low-functioning, they can be promiscuous and dishonest with the people they are promiscuous with, not thinking they owe anyone explanations because everyone is "free." They can be restless and unable to do menial work because they want to do the bold and original thing. The thing is, everyone has to pay their dues in life and no one is above that regardless of the contents of their mind.

Pisces: When Mars in Pisces is struggling, their motivation is not there at all. Motivation towards work and motivation towards sex can both be slim to none. Mars in Pisces is a very old soul and so there's some feeling like "I've already experienced this before" referring to other lifetimes. Mars in Pisces not highly functioning would be good to sit in a cave and meditate or sit on the couch and smoke weed all day, neither exhibiting much action.

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