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The twelve mars signs at their best -

Mars in astrology represents our will to act. It shows what are needs our and how we go about getting them met. Mars is the soldier or warrior archetype and can indicate how we deal with conflict and aggression. Sexual preferences can be shown with Mars as well. Mars is our energy source. The Sun and Mars are both masculine planets in the sense that they are outward and movement-oriented, but the Sun is more what we want to get noticed for and receive recognition for. Mars is more about how we go about getting our bills paid and getting our needs met.

*PSA: You are not your Mars sign. You are a collection of different planets in different signs and houses that can be seen from the birth chart. Don't let any one placement define you because there is so much more to you than this. If you're looking for a little bit of clarity, feel free to e-mail me at for a full natal chart reading.

The twelve mars signs at their best -

Aries: When the Aries Mars is at their best, it can look like pure dynamite. They can execute any number of tasks very quickly and learn things at the drop of a hat, especially on the job. They can take risks with ease of motion. Their sex drive can be very high and they can have a little bit of a lack of patience at times, but the sexual energy in a well-functioning Mars in Aries is ready to overpower their lover in the best way. Cardio works wonders for these people because their energy can be really high. These people could potentially get really pissed at something at the drop of a hat, expel it out of their mouth and then move on, forgetting that they were ever mad to begin with.

Taurus: When the Taurus Mars is at their best, they can have a very stable and durable energy source. This isn't the best placement for Mars, as there's a highlighted tendency towards lethargy and laziness when Mars comes into the sign of Taurus. However, once they get started on something, especially as a fixed sign, they can work on it steadily until its very completion. Their sexual source of energy can function in the same manner, especially when they find someone inspiring as a source of beauty, as Taurus is ruled by planet of love and beauty Venus.

Gemini: When the Gemini Mars is at their best, they can do or think about fifty things at a time and never miss a beat. Any Gemini placement will spread itself too thin amongst all its pursuits, but a well-functioning Mars in Gemini person can really hold it all in perspective. Mars in Gemini's sex drive can be rather erratic, having all the desire and drive in one moment and lack of drive the next, but a good Mars in Gemini finds a partner that can accommodate these shifts. Mars in Gemini is always very motivated to learn all the different subjects.

Cancer: When the Mars in Cancer is at their best, they can say what is on their mind as it comes into their mind. Mars isn't as strong in Cancer because it's ruled by the moon, which means that the energy source can wax and wane. A tendency to be passive-aggressive or wishy-washy is present, but with a high-functioning Mars in Cancer, that tendency is addressed very early on because of a high amount of self-care and tending to their own needs, which makes them less likely to lash out at those they care about. Some sexual problems can be present, but a Mars in Cancer realizes that they may not be able to sexually open up unless they're with someone they care about that cares for them.

Leo: When the Mars in Leo is at their best, they demonstrate loyalty and have no qualms about sharing their opinion. At work, they can be very hardworking as Mars in a fire sign always gives a good amount of physical vitality and energy. In the boudoir, Mars in Leo prefers to be very demonstrative, wanting to rule over the sexual domain like a king ruling over a kingdom. They want to be the center of attention most of the time, but especially in the workplace and the bedroom.

Virgo: When the Mars in Virgo is at their best, they can be very servile lovers, doting on their partner's every whim down to the very last detail. They will do just about anything for people they care about, so they busy themselves about for most of their existence. (This is my placement so I can shit-talk about it). They are very driven to help the underserved and need to feel useful in their daily lives. Mars in Virgo's sexuality can either be squeaky clean or completely freaky, but they give an outward appearance of bookishness or maybe shyness regardless. They value their vessel and are willing to do what it takes to keep it healthy.

Libra: When Mars in Libra is at their best, they can be a real charmer. They are tuned in automatically to the needs and desires of other people (on the surface anyway) and they can use this to make money if they choose to, through mediating or counseling. A Mars in Libra that isn't afraid of conflict is the best Mars in Libra there is. This Libra placement wants to do anything that brings sexual pleasure to their partner, so they find themselves without any real preferences outside of the pleasure of the other.

Scorpio: When Mars in Scorpio is at their best, they can let go of a grudge. This Scorpio placement can really hold onto emotional wounds. This determination can really turn into a positive when it is directed at things they're passionate about, such as causes or loved ones. Their sexual stamina, depth and desire goes unrivaled by the other Mars signs. This placement can really stay the course and is one of the most loyal around.

Sagittarius: When Mars in Sagittarius is at their best, it listens and hears the other perspective before it speaks. The need to fire off at the mouth with opinions at times can be overwhelming with this Mars placement, as well as can get quite fanatical about some of their systems of belief. A Mars in Sagittarius that exercises is a happy Mars in Sagittarius, because even though their fire-y nature gives a good amount of energy, their mutable quality gives them a very spurt-ish drive. Exercise can be made spiritual for a Mars in Sagittarius.

Capricorn: When Mars in Capricorn is at their best, they are the best boss ever. Knowing how to take charge of any situation makes them wonderful leaders. This leadership definitely extends to the bedroom and they can tell you exactly what to do. This can be a little bit overbearing or may seem controlling, but that works for some partners. The tendency to be boxy and rigid is there as well as to be predominantly focused on work, so a Mars in Capricorn that can take a break and breathe or smell the roses and enjoy the outdoors is doing fantastic.

Aquarius: When Mars in Aquarius is at their best, they can be the most innovative people. Ideas come to them around the clock that may be radically different from anything else other people around them are dreaming up. They can be incredibly connected and motivated towards the collective consciousness. They can have "unusual" sexual pursuits and may be more freedom-oriented and less security-oriented than other folks.

Pisces: When Mars in Pisces is at their best, they are actually motivated towards material success. Mars in Pisces carries with it a very old soul usually, so there is an element of not needing to exert in that direction this time. Of course, one should always be working in some sort of service for humanity, so this is a great direction for Mars in Pisces to attach themselves to. Mars in Pisces needs sex to be spiritual and connected as they are especially porous in this realm.

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