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The twelve venus signs at their worst -

Venus in astrology is the planet that represents relationships, pleasure, creativity, play, fun, sex, money, and the relationship that we have to our value. In relationships, this is how we give and receive love. Venus is sensual relating, whereas Mars is sexual relating. It is said that you can tell the type of woman a man likes by his Venus sign and you can tell how a lady acts in her relationship by this sign as well, and the reverse is supposedly true for Mars.

*PSA: You have way more to your natal chart than your Venus sign, so this should be looked at as just one piece of the whole pie that is your complete psychology. If you'd like for me to access all that information and what it means to you, e-mail me for a reading at

Venus in the twelve signs at their worst -

Aries: When the Venus in Aries is at their worst, their drive for love can be solely based on impulse. This makes it challenging to enter into relationships that can be more significant and from which meaning can be derived. Without the ability to endure arguments and the harder parts of a relationship, deeper understanding cannot be achieved. A Venus in Aries that is struggling is too impatient to even make it to this point in a relationship.

Taurus: When the Venus in Taurus is at their worst, they can really hold on to their idea of their partner, even when their partner is actively changing. The truth is, our cells are regenerating as we move through our daily life and things and people are constantly transforming into newness. Venus in Taurus has a hard time recognizing change in oneself, let alone in their partner.

Gemini: When the Venus in Gemini is at their worst, their duplicitous nature is the thing they can be best characterized by. Maybe by juggling partners, telling half-truths and white lies as well as telling bold-faced lies, their words are much less demonstrative than their actions with this placement in general. There is a huge discrepancy between words and actions when this placement is on the low side.

Cancer: When the Venus in Cancer is at their worst, they can really cling to their partner and also somehow simultaneously guard their heart. There can be an inner need for comfort and companionship and yet they will send mixed messages of passive-aggression and moodiness to throw them off, as if to "test" them. Incessant giving can be tricky with this placement as well.

Leo: When the Venus in Leo is at their worst, they can almost completely deny any fault or take any responsibility for things in their relationship that may be wrong. Everything has to be the fault of the other partner because why would the King/Queen of the zodiac do anything wrong? Serious self-aggrandizement can be seen with Venus in Leo at its' worst.

Virgo: When the Venus in Virgo (my placement, woop!) is at their worst, they can unhappily stay in situations that don't cause them any fulfillment while complaining about it. They could be in the role of someone who constantly does stuff for their partner but never receives. They could pick partners that could be inherently selfish or just not have a good barometer for who to choose. Venus is not strong in Virgo so they could end up having a fair amount of really unsatisfactory relationships before they wise up and find the right person.

Libra: When the Venus in Libra is at their worst, they can be harmonious and balanced outwardly, but inwardly there could be a lot of dissatisfactions and little annoyances that bubble up to the surface constantly. Their inability to say that is causing them anger, annoyance or feelings of sadness of betrayal could lead to a lifetime of holding onto the romantic ideal of their relationship while simply placating their real, human partner until it all comes out in an explosion.

Scorpio: When the Venus in Scorpio is at their worst, they can test their partner. Someone may have been with a Venus in Scorpio for years, even married to them, but they still don't feel like they have surrendered themselves fully to the love that they have. The person they're with could have shown them over and over that they really believe the Venus in Scorpio is worthy of their love, and still the Venus in Scorpio person doesn't want to surrender their power fully, not trusting that the love that they have is real.

Sagittarius: When the Venus in Sagittarius is at their worst, they can be overly idealistic about romance. Their partners can really not live up to this placement's romanticized expectations of them and then with that, there's a feeling that gets shut off in the Venus person when they inevitably gets disappointed.

Capricorn: When the Venus in Capricorn is at their worst, they can be overly pessimistic or pragmatic about romance, so much so that when the perfect partner for them that has to do with love more than "what makes sense," they don't know what to do with themselves or worse, they may not recognize what amazingness befell them.

Aquarius: When the Venus in Aquarius is at their worst, they can care way more about their relationships with their friends more than their partner. Even if their romantic partner began as a good friend, once someone makes the switch to a romantic partner, they automatically and unfairly become a lesser priority when the Venus in Aqua is struggling.

Pisces: When the Venus in Pisces is at their worst, they can really romanticize the outcome and the story behind their relationships and partnerships. They can so easily identify with anyone and everyone so they can place their love with people that really don't deserve it and by the time they realize it, it's too late which can lead to some real heartbreak for poor Pisces.

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