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The twelve venus signs at their best -

Venus in astrology is the planet that represents relationships, pleasure, creativity, play, fun, sex, money, and the relationship that we have to our value. In relationships, this is how we give and receive love. Venus is sensual relating, whereas Mars is sexual relating. It is said that you can tell the type of woman a man likes by his Venus sign and you can tell how a lady acts in her relationship by this sign as well, and the reverse is supposedly true for Mars.

*PSA: You have way more to your natal chart than your Venus sign, so this should be looked at as just one piece of the whole pie that is your complete psychology. If you'd like for me to access all that information and what it means to you, e-mail me for a reading at

Venus in the twelve signs at their best -

Aries: The Venus in Aries at their best is very focused on the object of their affection and doesn't have a hard time pursuing - in fact, this comes very naturally to a happy Venus in Aries. Sensually, they can almost be impatient as Venus is not very comfortable in the sign of Aries. This Venus at its best is more patient and has good control over its finances and impulses.

Taurus: The Venus in Taurus at their best is a very loyal and very stable best friend and romantic partner. With any Taurus placement, stability is a given, but Venus loves to be in Taurus. However, when this Venus recognizes that there is room to grow and doesn't resist change to foster that growth, they are at the top of their game.

Gemini: The Venus in Gemini at their best is very communicative - open and honest (and seductive). In all the many words that Venus in Gemini uses, there can sometimes be an omission of the truth as well as a reluctance to go into greater intimacy. When this sign is well-functioning, they are unafraid to take the plunge into the depths of their partner and are truth-telling.

Cancer: The Venus in Cancer at their best is very loving and nurturing, committed to being attentive to their partner and keeping them warm internally the way a warm blanket would externally. However, this Venus sign at its most evolved is independent and recognizes that time outside of the relationship helps to foster their own life, which only helps to fuel their relationship. Cancer is quite security oriented, so one that doesn't completely lose themselves when an outcome is unknown is always great.

Leo: The Venus in Leo at their best is very romantic and heart-centered. They don't have any problem giving affections as well as receiving them in the best-case scenario, and they can understand the outcomes of things and not take things too personally.

Virgo: The Venus in Virgo (my placement! woop) at their best is still very servile and caring, but they don't have a hard time taking a break from being the one that dotes on their partner in exchange for a little receiving. Venus is really not happy here to begin with. Also, understanding that everyone is on their own path and not nagging their partner or getting too involved with what they "should" do is a really good sign.

Libra: When the Venus in Libra is at their best, they are able to have a fight with their significant other in which they aren't censoring their thoughts and feelings. The tendency to charm their way into and out of things causes for a bit of a disconnect between what they really feel and what they say and do. If they can stand up for themselves, they are highly evolved.

Scorpio: When the Venus in Scorpio is at their best, they are less obsessive with their partner. Their form of relating is monogamous for sure and they will deliberate over someone forever because once that someone has their heart, they'll have a piece of it forever. A healthy Venus in Scorpio can lighten their grasp.

Sagittarius: When the Venus in Sagittarius is at their best, they are not only very exciting to be around, but they also are attentive to some of the needs of others. They are not only seeking excitement in their environment, but there's a sense of stability there.

Capricorn: When the Venus in Capricorn is at their best, they are affected by romance and let spontaneous whims take them wherever they go. Venus in Capricorn has the tendency to be very practical, so when they trade in pragmatism for idealism because they are quite affected by someone, they are in their prime.

Aquarius: When the Venus in Aquarius is at their best, they put their partner before their friends and they let their feelings be known because Venus in Aquarius typically prioritizes friends over relationships and their feelings of love and affection get slightly constricted and colder, especially if the relationship didn't begin as a friendship.

Pisces: When the Venus in Pisces is at their best, they are able to take off their rose-colored glasses and see things as they really are. This Venus placement more than any other wants to see romance as love stories that have happy endings and sometimes, when they going gets rough or becomes less than the ideal, they could be more tempted than other signs to leave. A loyal and dutiful Venus in Pisces is a happy Venus in Pisces.

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