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The twelve mercury signs at their best -

Mercury in astrology represents our logical mind, whereas the moon represents our emotional mind. Mercury is the part of us that is always taking information in so we can analyze it and make output out of it eventually. It is who we are when we are at work, making lists and running errands. The Mercury sign represents the way that someone goes about doing these things that are very closely connected to our material world and the traits connected with them. It also rules over communication and the way that we speak, write and communicate.

*PSA - you have a whole birth chart that is representative of your complete psychology and this is one small piece of it. If you would like a comprehensive reading, or to find out more about your Mercury sign, please e-mail me at

The twelve Mercury signs at their best -

Aries: When the Mercury in Aries is highly functioning, they are very direct and straightforward, but they know when to reign their bluntness in a little bit for people who can't take the truth in the form of a speeding bullet. Also, knowing when not to interrupt others and the ability to finish projects that they start are a good signs that they are doing just fine.

Taurus: When the Mercury in Taurus is highly functioning, they can have mesmerizing speech. They are very deliberate about their pursuits and can be very creative, often with an affinity towards art, music or design. They will surely finish every project they start.

Gemini: When the Mercury in Gemini is highly functioning, they are able to take pieces of information from this book, this podcast, this film, this person and regurgitate it in a completely brilliant, eloquent way. Mercury is at home in Gemini and so pure intelligence can drip from their lips.

Cancer: When the Mercury in Cancer is highly functioning, they can give objective direction and feedback to those they're working and living with. Since this is a highly subjective and emotional placement for Mercury, a healthy person with this placement can put that on pause.

Leo: When the Mercury in Leo is highly functioning, they can let other people speak and have a say in what goes on around them. Mercury in Leo is THE number one manager placement and so to allow others to also have a stake in something is very positive growth for them.

Virgo: When the Mercury in Virgo is highly functioning, the mind functions very clearly and rapidly. Their mind has a reductionistic and analytical quality because Virgo is at home in the sign of Mercury (as well as Gemini). The Virgo Mercury that is doing well is not stressed out and critical.

Libra: When the Mercury in Libra is highly functioning, they can allow themselves to get angry and speak up for themselves in a way that demands respect and doesn't shy away from conflict. These people are aversive to rude and unfair speech, and it is because of this that they can be some of the kindest people around.

Scorpio: When the Mercury in Scorpio is highly functioning, they can mentally allow all-consuming things to rest without ruminating on them or obsessing about them. They can also sit and concentrate for an incredible duration of time.

Sagittarius: When the Mercury in Sagittarius is highly functioning, they can hold in their mind the bigger picture as well as the details of a certain situation or project. They can also make everyone laugh and feel joyful around them, which is an incredible characteristic of this Mercury placement.

Capricorn: When the Mercury in Capricorn is highly functioning, they can communicate things subjectively to their loved ones and understand where people they work with are coming from with these "feelings." Additionally, they have patience and compassion for those who do things in a way that to them may not make sense.

Aquarius: When the Mercury in Aquarius is highly functioning, they can be brilliant and put very broad concepts that may seem unrelated together in an outstanding way. The Mercury in Aquarius can be a little too bright, scientific and unconventional even for its' own good, so knowing how to phrase these sporadic flashes of genius to others can be challenging.

Pisces: When the Mercury in Pisces is highly functioning, they can be extremely creative and communicate with a lot of intuition. There is a tendency for people of this placement to have their communications lost in a fog, so one who remains clear about boundaries and other such things with others is very successful. Also, if you are a Mercury in Pisces and can hold down a job of any kind, then you are the real MVP.

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