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Accessible, Practical Self-Care for the Outstanding Black Lives Matter Protesters -

As someone who is empathic that has at a point worked with various disadvantaged populations, such as autistic children and veterans, I learned very quickly that if I did not demonstrate significant self-care, that I would wake up and not be able to move my head from side to side or get sick very frequently. As I've been moving about the areas where the protesters are located, I have identified a need for self-care that is very pronounced. These men and women are doing amazing things for this movement and it is because of that I'm writing this post.

Proper Nutrition

- Of course when you are participating in direct action over the course of the whole day, the food that is available is the food that is available and that is something I understand. Getting enough water is paramount and I've seen electrolyte sources such as gatorade or tablets and this is very helpful as well. If you CAN, try to eat one meal a day that has a good amount of cruciferous vegetables, such as spinach, kale or chard. If not, that's okay too. Additionally, the body needs healthy fats and proteins. Nut butters are not very perishable and can be a good thing to pack in your bag that are a healthy source of both. A spoonful of coconut oil a day will help to insulate your brain and your body to be able to make you run like a well-oiled machine and can help you make good choices in the moment. Also, take a swig of your Apple Cider Vinegar you are using to wet your bandanas to avoid teargas because that is going to really help your digestive systems and will help to boost your energy naturally.

Sleep, Silence and Stillness:

- I know that there are lots of people sleeping in shifts or not sleeping at all, basically going through overstimulation of their sympathetic nervous system 24/7. I'm here to tell you that you won't be able to stand up to hold the space for too much longer without an adequate supply of rest, as sleeping is akin to breathing. I have linked two videos, one is three hours and one is six hours, for people who are having a hard time getting to sleep because of everything they have experienced. These contain isochronic tones which will subliminally allow for you to relax and help to program your brain for whatever happens when you wake up.

- Additionally, if you can, take five minutes to put your legs up the wall. Scoot your hips right up against the wall, with a pillow or blanket under them if that is accessible and set your iPhone timer for five minutes, which will allow for a great improvement in the circulation in your legs. If you have ten minutes, go the distance.

Meditation, Meaning, Expression and Faith :

- I get that it's not easy to meditate right now or ever, but I think it's really important that if you have any source of meaning or faith-based spirituality that you connect to that every day at least once to help to propel you forward. If you can find someone to share with, perhaps one of the people who are counseling or healing, or maybe just a trusted friend, have a conversation about how you're emotionally handling all of this stuff. If neither of those sound appealing to you, write it down. You need to be able to express what you're feeling and the things that have made you feel that way, otherwise these things WILL bubble over.

Also, I love you. Thanks for doing such an amazing job out there and inspiring such a necessary line of change.

Black Lives Matter

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