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The twelve moon signs at their best -

The moon sign is vastly different than the sun sign. Archetypally, the moon represents our internal nature and the way that we feel emotions. It can also represent our habit-patterns that are engrained in us from childhood and these things can be hard to shake as we develop our adult selves, our sun sign. I believe that this placement has a lot to do with ur health and the way that we are when we are at home with all our stuff out on the table. When the moon signs are well-functioning, there's been a lot of internal development. In order for internal development to occur, one has to look at themselves as they truly are, including all the dusty crevices usually ignored.

PSA: You are way more than just your moon sign. You are a whole person that has an entire birth chart full of different aspects. If you'd like a full reading from me, e-mail me at Love to you.

The moon signs at their best:

Aries: When the Aries moon is well-functioning, they are able to respond to a very provoking situation by taking a deep breath and not reacting. Aries moons are prone to reactivity in the moment, so if they can put themselves in a place that isn't emotional in the times where they could say or do something they potentially regret, then their emotional state is balanced. They are thinking and planning ahead.

Taurus: When the Taurus moon is well-functioning, it isn't ruled by sensory or material stimuli and is able to provide a solid rock for the people in their life. Way more than the Sun sign, Taurus moon indulges and from a place of need rather than want. The moon is exalted in Taurus, which means it's very comfortable and happy here because the emotions naturally become stabilized (again, depending on the aspects). They can exude an intuitive and calm vibe when they are at their best and don't rely on the sweet stuff or the nice things to get by emotionally.

Gemini: When the Gemini moon is well-functioning, they can sit still. I have my moon sign in the Gemini house and the first thing I mentally see when I am reading a chart and come upon this is very restless mental and emotional activity. The tendency to think your feelings and feel your thoughts is very much present with this so if a Gemini moon can let an emotion pass through their body without mentally naming it or needing to think about it, that person is doing just fine. Any Gemini moon that is idle for longer than a short amount of time is my actual hero.

Cancer: When the Cancer moon is well-functioning, it is shielded, but not walled off entirely. The Cancer moon learns very early on that not everyone is as caring and compassionate as they are. They go through a few heartbreaks and suddenly they can reach others, but they can't be reached. The Cancer moon that deals with the urges to isolate into the watery abyss as they come and does the opposite is truly thriving.

Leo: When the Leo moon is well-functioning, they can be one of the sweetest and most heart-centered people you have ever met. The emotions and the ego go together with this placement so the Leo moon that knows how to truly separate that - knowing their worth without having to hear it in the way of affirmation from others is very highly evolved.

Virgo: When the Virgo moon is well-functioning, they can shut off their brain that is filled with errands to run, stuff to do for work and the household, who needs what from them and what time, and yadayadayada. Any Virgo placement really benefits from meditation, spending time in nature and eating wholesome and delicious food. Virgo in the sign of the moon that is functioning highly knows this and pads themselves with it to avoid the visceral stresses that come with being a Virgo moon - stomach problems and random body aches and pains from taking on too much.

Libra: When the Libra moon is well-functioning, they can separate emotionally from the stuff that isn't theirs and they can very much maintain their identity in the context of a relationship. A Libra moon could almost compulsively crave connection of a mental sorts and can very easily give too much of themselves in those interactions just to concede. An independent Libra moon is a happy Libra moon.

Scorpio: When the Scorpio moon is well-functioning, they can reel in their obsessive emotional nature, especially surrounding their romantic partners. A Scorpio moon that has been hurt can carry that hurt with them for a really long time without ever fully forgiving or letting go, so when they're able to give the state of their relationships as well as their partners a bit of a break mentally using whatever tools they have, then they are very mentally healthy.

Sagittarius: When the Sagittarius moon is well-functioning, they have no problem committing to the jobs, friendships and romantic relationships that feed their soul. Sagittarius moons are ones to pick up and leave when the going becomes less than ideal and onto something brighter, so one that knows how to stay the course and learn what they're meant to learn from the universe instead of thwarting that by wanderlusting.

Capricorn: When the Capricorn moon is well-functioning, they can reach a space of true happiness and levity. This moon placement is very easily made depressed because it can very easily feel the reality of the situation as it is, which isn't always the brightest thing that exists. A Capricorn moon that incorporates whatever it takes for them to be happy and prioritizes happiness (even if it's for the purpose of increasing their productivity) is in a successful emotional place.

Aquarius: When the Aquarius moon is well-functioning, they can feel their emotions and not be looking down on themselves from a high-minded place watching themselves feel their emotions. It is okay to acknowledge the broadness of things, but emotions are a part of life and come up because of situations outside of ourselves sometimes and cannot be intellectually avoided. An Aquarius moon that can feel their own pain wins.

Pisces: When the Pisces moon is well-functioning, they can disengage from things that are related to suffering without needing to escape the planet for a while. This is my moon sign, I know it well, and I could get lost in the suffering of others and let it totally consume me from the inside out but then how would I get anything done in the real world? A strong Pisces moon can put themselves first and not feel guilt surrounding that.

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