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Zodiacal archetypes as beverages -

My dear Pisces sun AND moon friend Morgan and I were working at the coffee shop and she gave me this completely genius idea to do a blog post about the zodiac signs as different drinks! So here goes:

An Aries is a shot of vodka, straight up. Either you can take it or you can't.

A Taurus is the most decadent milkshake that exists.

A Gemini would be a series of every sugary beverage that exists - triple fisting, 24/7.

A Cancer would be moonshine because its planetary ruler is the moon and I couldn't think of anything else.

A Leo would be this deliciously fancy fire cocktail for obvious reasons :flips hair:

A Virgo would be an organic, non-toxic, loose-leaf tisane combination of all the herbs intended to aid digestion.

A Libra would be alcohol. In medical astrology, the sign of Libra governs the kidneys and every Libra I've ever known loves to drink and chat and drink and chat.

A Scorpio would be coffee. Coffee is dark, messy and has a healthy dose of chaos and exploration, as well as being such a perfect intersection of science and art.

A Sagittarius would be this super cool craft beer flight.

A Capricorn would be a cup of water because what is more practical than being hydrated??

An Aquarius would be this intense vapor cocktail.

A Pisces would be opium tea - it doubles as a drug!

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